Bats in churches

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The Methodist Church minister said: “I’ve got bats in the belfry. Literally. I tried shooting them with a shotgun and I got was holes in the belfry roof.”

“I’ve got a similar problem,” said the Baptist minister. “They roof in the atttic of the church hall. I caught them in traps and drove them 100 km to the national park, but they were back before I was. I think they look forward to the trip.”

Then the Anglican priest told them: “I used to have them in the roof of the church, but they’re all gone now.”

“What did you do?” asked the others.

“It was simple,” he replied. “I just baptised and confirmed them. They haven’t been back since.




Odd news from around the world

Fresh chicken not allowed in Britain?: “The RSPCA has seized 26 live chickens from the backyard of an Indian restaurant following a remarkable discovery made during a health inspection. The birds were first discovered by Wyre Council staff behind the Indian restaurant Saffron, in Poulton, Lancashire after public tip-offs triggered the inspection. Officials found no evidence that poultry was being slaughtered on site. Mr Ullah said he was in the middle of transferring the lease to a new manager. ‘Then the RSPCA arrived and it was like a raid – they had three vans where they put all the chickens in cages. I had no idea what was happening.’ A spokesman for Wyre Council said: ‘Officers received reports of live chickens being kept at the rear of a food premises on June 19. ‘Environmental health officers visited the premises that day to investigate and carry out a food hygiene inspection. An investigation into the live chickens is still under way between the council and the RSPCA concerning animal welfare issues.’ A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed an investigation was underway and said the chickens had since been rehomed.”

Banana baby: “She was branded ‘deluded’ for eating a diet consisting of 20 bananas a day while pregnant but three months on from giving birth, Loni Jane Anthony says her baby is ‘thriving’. The 26-year-old Instagram sensation has hit back at her critics, who said her extreme vegan lifestyle could damage her child’s health. ‘It is a really good feeling to prove to a lot of people that what I was doing was the right thing,’ she told 9 Stories. Ms Anthony gave birth to baby boy Rowdy Nash, weighing 8lbs 7oz, on March 2. The first-time mother from Brisbane, Queensland, who was told her baby would be born ‘sick’ by some nutritionists, is now happy to reveal little Rowdy is ‘a strong boy’ who is ‘meeting all these milestones’. ‘I think for a lot of people they don’t want to believe that something so simple actually works,’ she said.

A Modern Bridge Designed by Da Vinci: “Called the “Mona Lisa of Bridges,” the Golden Horn bridge is one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s fascinating architectural and engineering designs. It was designed in 1501 to be built over Golden Horn, a natural inlet of the Bosphorus Strait dividing the city of Constantinople, present-day Istanbul, Turkey. However due to the complexity of the design, the Sultan Bajazet II doubted its integrity and rejected the proposal. In 1995, Norwegian architect Vebjørn Sand rediscovered the blueprint in an exhibition of da Vinci’s engineering designs. Sand fell in love with the bridge and took the plans back to Norway where he began its construction with the Norwegian Public Roads. But instead of a massive, full fledged bridge, Sand converted the design into a small pedestrian footbridge using wood and steel instead of stone. The Golden Horn footbridge was completed in 2001, andim is the first of all Leonardo Da Vinci’s architectural designs to be actualized. The miniature Golden Horn bridge is located on highway E-18 linking Oslo and Stockholm”

Another big bird escapes in Britain: “A ‘feisty’ giant rhea burst past its owner and went running down a busy main road causing bemusement, just six weeks after another of a massive birds escaped. Locals in Warminster Town, Wiltshire, took photographs of the bird as it fled having avoided the attempts of several women who tried to keep it under control. Police spent three hours chasing the flightless bird before it was cornered allowing the owner to safely collect it. The bird’s owner, who did not want give his name, said: ‘It’s a male bird and unfortunately he has taken a dislike to me so when I went to get the post yesterday afternoon he just burst at me. ‘He made a dash for it through the open gate and that was it. Unfortunately this time of year males can be really feisty and that’s what happened. ‘It wouldn’t ever hurt anyone else, they are lovely creatures, my 10-year-old can play with them just fine, it’s just me he doesn’t like. He made a run for it down the road and we had to wait for the police to corner it and bring it back.’ ‘They are a South American bird and they keep them rather than sheep”

Rare racer: “A rare Ferrari has become the second most expensive car sold at auction in Britain after it fetched a whopping £10.75 million. The Ferrari 375-Plus was the Italians’ ultimate weapon in the 1954 World Sportscar Championship. Just five were ever made and this model competed at Le Mans, Silverstone and the Mille Miglia races. But in 1986 a trailer containing the Ferrari, which was missing some major parts and the engine, was stolen, kicking off a 25-year tale involving the FBI, Interpol and, most recently, lawyers. After years of legal wrangling, the car was put up at auction at Bonham’s Goodwood Festival of Speed auction on Friday. The car, offered without a reserve, was the star lot with collectors from around the world registering their interest in it. Bidding started at £2 million and quickly increased as potential buyers battled it out in the auction room.”

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