The good old days

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Odd news from around the world

Women who give birth after the age of 33 live longer: Remaining fertile later in life is linked to a slower ageing process: “Women who give birth later in life live longer and as a result could provide an insight into slowing the ageing process, scientists have said. Genetic variants that mean women remain fertile for longer may be the key, researchers said today. The study found women who had their last child after the age of 33 were twice as likely to celebrate their 95th birthday, compared to those who gave birth for the last time by 29. Lead researcher Dr Thomas Perls, from Boston University Medical Center in the US, said the findings do not mean women should delay having children. He said: ‘Of course this does not mean women should wait to have children at older ages in order to improve their own chances of living longer. ‘The natural ability to have a child at an older age likely indicates that a woman’s reproductive system is ageing slowly, and therefore so is the rest of her body.'”

Green beach: “Sunbathers were forced to dig through seaweed to find sand after discovering an entire beach covered in algae. In the hope of enjoying the sunny weather, some families went to Preston Beach, near Torquay, Devon, but came across the half-mile stretch of seaweed covering. Although some families decided to leave the beach, others created a small space of sand to relax and sunbathe. Local resident Carol Greechan, who made her to the popular beach with her two grandchildren on Monday, said in the thirty years she had been going to the beach, she had never seen it “so bad”. She said: “It was crispy on top and slimy underneath. The smell was absolutely revolting but the colour was remarkable. “It was heartbreaking, we had to dig a little hole to find some sand in a pool of seaweed.” A spokesman for Torbay Council said the beaches were cleaned on a rota and Preston had not been scheduled for a clean-up that day.”

No free rides: Chinese government worker is sacked after picture emerges of him riding on employee’s back through flood: “A Chinese public official has been sacked after he was pictured ordering an employee to carrying through a flood to avoid getting his shoes wet. Wang Junhua was visiting an area where two young people had died as a result of recent flooding, when he ordered his subordinate carry him after realising the sodden ground would ruin his cream leather shoes. Mr Wang, the deputy director of the government office of Guixi city, Jiangxi province, has now been removed from his position, authorities confirmed. Hu Peng, a local who witnessed the incident, said: ‘The guy looked arrogant and bored. ‘It was clear that he came to the site in order to score some cheap publicity points. But when he saw that he might have to get his feet wet his real personality surfaced. ‘He ordered this guy to hoist him on his shoulders and he rode him like he was a donkey. I felt sorry for the guy – he was humiliated.’

The venomous ‘rocket ant’ with jaws like a beartrap that is invading the US: “It can open its jaw 180 degrees, and fire it like a beartrap at the ground to launch itself into the air. It also packs a venomous sting – and is invading the US. The giant Trap-jaw ants are spreading across the US, researchers warned today. Sorger and her co-authors were interested in the spread of an invasive and particularly aggressive species from South America called Odontomachus haematodus, which was first unofficially recorded in Alabama in 1956. Measuring upto 9.5mm long, they are commonly called trap-jaw ants due to their elongate mandibles, which can be opened to 180°, then snapped rapidly together on prey. These ants are amazing in their ability to control and time the mandibular movement. When necessary, an ant can forcibly close the mandibles against a surface or other organism and actually propel itself away for up to several inches… the researchers found that the species has now spread across the Gulf Coast, at least as far east as Pensacola, Florida.”

Mr Bushe and his hedge: “It’s not every day you spot two elephants meeting on a street corner, but this impressive topiary is not just turning heads. Creator Tim Bushe, 60, charges for his hedge art to fundraise for the Hft charity that supports his sister Martha, who has Down’s Syndrome. Appropriately-named Mr Bushe who lives in Highbury, north London, first discovered his talent for privet-hedge trimming four years ago when his wife Philippa asked him to trim the front garden bushes into the shape of a cat. The 60-year-old architect didn’t have time for a cat, but used his electric 42-inch Black & Decker hedge cutter to create a steam engine instead. Hehas since gone on to create several topiary works of art including those in the shapes of serpents, knots, owls, a chicken, a cannon and a Chinese dragon. Mr Bushe said he enjoys clipping sculptural hedges because they form new links in the community and create closer relationships with his neighbours.

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