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Odd news from around the world

‘Surgeons operated to remove my ovaries – but found a 9lb BABY inside’: Mother’s shock after months of stomach cramps are due to pregnancy: “A mother who went into surgery to have her ovaries removed has spoken of her total shock after doctors discovered a 9lb baby growing inside her. Rebecca Oldham, 25, was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal cramping and was due to undergo surgery to remove her ovaries as these were deemed to be the cause of her discomfort. But, when surgeons opened her up, they found a full-term baby boy inside her. Ms Oldham, from New Zealand, told the New Zealand Herald: ‘I was facing not being able to have any more children because they thought there were problems with my ovaries, and all of a sudden we had a son.’ Ms Oldham says she had had months of stomach cramps and had undergone intensive testing. She had three scans, two blood tests and six pregnancy tests as doctors attempted to establish the cause of her pain. Eventually, she was admitted to Middlemore Hospital, in Manukau City, in November last year for surgery. Surgeons were shocked to discover a healthy baby inside her and woke her up briefly to tell her the operation was being changed to an emergency caesarean.

Meet Entrepreneur Barbie! New doll comes armed with tiny tablet and smartphone to break the plastic ceiling: “Since making her 1959 debut, Barbie has done stints as an astronaut, a surgeon, a news anchor and even a U.S. president. And ever the Renaissance woman, the leggy blond doll has found a new calling: entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Barbie, which Mattel unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in February, is available on Amazon starting today, and will hit other retailers in August. Mattel has teamed with eight female entrepreneurs to launch the tech-savvy doll, who comes equipped with a tablet, a smartphone and a laptop case. Entrepreneur Barbie is part of Mattel’s ‘I can be’ line of career-oriented Barbies, which launched in 2010 in an effort to showcase modern-day careers for women. ‘She’s ready to take on anything that comes her way,’ Mattel spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said earlier this year.

Incredible moment Gypsy family and prise bolts from working train track to sell as scrap: “This is the moment a family, thought to be Romany gypsies, hammer and prise bolts from a working train train in order to sell them as scrap as their young children played on the line. Police in Romania have warned that a railway catastrophe is imminent as gangs of thieves have started stealing the ties and screws holding down tracks across the country. In some extreme cases entire sections of railway line have been pulled up to sell for scrap metal. In footage from one raid a group of women, who had taken children believed to be aged just two or three with them, were seen removing bolts and screws from the train track. They were then seen fleeing from a track after they had removed the fastenings keeping the line in place. ‘If a train carrying passengers or a heavy load were to ride over these spots, the results could be catastrophic if enough screws are taken,’ said a police spokesman.”

Think you know how to cut a cake? Think again: Scientist reveals 100-year-old trick involving parallel lines and rubber bands: “Forget everything you know about cake cutting; this new method could turn the seemingly straight-forward practice on its head. Although, using the word ‘new’ isn’t accurate, because the method is actually a 100-year-old trick unearthed by London-based author and mathematician Alex Bellos. In his latest YouTube video, Bellos describes how taking wedges out of cakes leaves them susceptible to drying – and we should instead be cutting them in lines so the whole cake can be sealed and stored. The method was first published in Nature on 20 December 1906 in the letters to the editor section by English mathematical scientist Francis Galton. Titled ‘Cutting a round cake on scientific principles’, Galton’s letter explained how the ‘ordinary method of cutting out a wedge is very faulty’. ‘The ordinary method of cutting out a wedge is very faulty in thi s respect. The results to be aimed at are so to cut the cake that the remaining portions shall fit together.”

The bizarre dinosaur with horned ‘angel wings’ on its HEAD: “Scientists have revealed a new species of horned dinosaur with a bizarre set of ‘wings’ on its head. Mercuriceratops gemini was approximately 6 meters (20 feet) long and weighed more than 2 tonnes. It lived about 77 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. Mercuriceratops had a parrot-like beak and probably had two long brow horns above its eyes. It was a plant-eating dinosaur. It reached 6 meters (20 feet) long and weighed more than 2 tons. Each animal has a slightly different ‘frill’ so they could identify each other. Research describing the new species is published online in the journal Naturwissenschaften, and is based on fossils collected from Montana in the United States and Alberta, Canada.”

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