Ensuite fishing?

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Could be popular




Odd news from around the world

Chinese football fan, 39, dies on his sofa after ‘staying up for three nights to watch World Cup’: “A football fan in China has died of a stroke that doctors believe was brought on by him staying awake for three successive nights to watch the World Cup. Zhou Meng, a 39-year-old from Shanghai, collapsed on his sofa after suffering a stroke while watching the Saturday night match between Uruguay and Costa Rica. He had previously stayed up for the whole of Thursday and Friday night to watch live coverage of the tournament – which is being held in Brazil – while working during the daytime. He was rushed to the Shanghai No. 10 People’s Hospital after suffering a stroke and was pronounced dead several hours later. According to Gao Liang, director of the hospital’s neurosurgery department, the patient had a history of high blood pressure.”

The British primary school where pupils do a nine-hour day… and it’s gone from failure to earning top marks from inspectors: “A primary school has transformed its pupils’ achievement after introducing a compulsory nine-hour day. Older children at Great Yarmouth Primary Academy are required to start at 8.55am and stay until 6pm to take part in a free programme of activities and complete homework under supervision. The school – previously one of the worst-performing in the country – introduced the 45-hour week to give pupils the same opportunities as those from private schools and wealthy backgrounds. In a dramatic turnaround in less than two years, it has now earned a ‘good’ rating by Ofsted – the second-highest. The watchdog highlighted the extended day as a key factor in the school’s success, praising its ‘outstanding leadership’ and remarking that the timetable was improving pupils’ life skills and commitment to education. The extended week was introduced in 2012 as the school became an academy sponsored by millionaire businessman Theodore Agnew.”

Toasters on strike: “Toast was taken off the breakfast menu for hospital patients as a unexpected consequence of last week’s fire-fighter strike. Managers at 1,000-bed University Hospital of North Staffordshire decided to switch off toasters in every kitchen ward – for fear of triggering a fire alarm – during the 24-hour walkout. Patients were forced to opt for cereal, porridge, or simply go without, while the fire service ran a reduced service as a result of a dispute over pensions. Antony Wood, who was being cared for on the hospital’s cardiac ward, was denied his favourite-toast and-marmalade by staff, who said toasters were not being used on ‘health and safety’ grounds. A spokesman for the hospital said that its fire safety manager had decided to switch off the toasters as a precaution during the strike”

British bnureaucracy at its best: “A scientist who was left brain damaged after waiting nearly two hours for an ambulance that was parked just 100 yards away has won £5 million compensation. Caren Paterson, 36, had collapsed in the bedroom of her flat in Islington, north London, in October 2007 and was beginning to breathe abnormally when her boyfriend dialled 999. He told the emergency operator that his girlfriend had fallen unconscious, that her lips had turned blue and that she was in need of urgent medical help to save her life. But because the address had been red-flagged as ‘high risk’ by the ambulance service, a crew just seconds away was ordered to wait for a police escort before attending. By the time paramedics did reach Miss Paterson, who was working as a genetic scientist at King’s College, London, her brain had been starved of oxygen, causing permanent damage, and she had also suffered cardiac arrest.”

What a dope! ‘Cannabis grower’ called 999 by accident – only for police to find drug farm when they turned up at his house: “A man with an £18,000 cannabis farm in his front room was arrested after accidentally dialling 999 from the house in Crewe. The 42-year-old suspect somehow rang the emergency number from a landline at the property in Haweswater Avenue in the Cheshire town. The call was logged as an abandoned emergency call – and police officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of the caller. But when they knocked on the door and went inside they found 18 mature cannabis plants being grown in the front room – each with an estimated street value of £1,000. Local beat manager PC Shelley Woods, of Cheshire Police, said: ‘The circumstances around this call being made beggars belief. We don’t often find people in this position as accommodating to police inquiries.’

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