Chinese “car model” Gong Yuefei

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She poses beside new car models at Chinese motor shows, ensuring that eyes point the way the manufacturer wants




Odd news from around the world

Would you drive a car that runs on URINE? Scientists create pee-powered fuel cells that generate energy for vehicles and homes: “A group of scientists from Korea University has outlined a plan to use carbon atoms recovered from human urine to produce cheap electricity. Fuel cells work by delivering hydrogen gas to a negatively charged anode on one side of the fuel cell while oxygen is channelled to a positively charged cathode on the other side. At the anode, a catalyst – usually platinum – knocks the hydrogen atoms’ electrons off, leaving positively charged hydrogen ions and free electrons. A membrane placed between the anode and cathode only allows the ions to pass through. This means electrons have to travel along an external circuit generating an electric current. This, they claim, would be done by replacing expensive platinum used in current fuel cells with carbon naturally found in human waste. Scientists hope they could be used widely in the future to provide power for vehicles and generate electricity in the home.

The wolf snake that eluded scientists for a decade: New species is discovered in Cambodian mountain range: “The dense forests of Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains are home to countless strange and wonderful creatures. The latest to be discovered is a new species of wolf snake, so-called because of its powerful, backwards-facing fangs. Named Lycodon zoosvictoriae, scientists believe the snake’s unusual colours have helped it remain hidden, despite a decade-long research effort to find new species in the area. Wolf snakes are nonvenomous but have been known to defend themselves when trapped, and can cause severe damage to skin with their sharp fangs. They feed on lizards and frogs, digging their powerful fangs deep into the hard scales of their prey. When fully grown, wolf snakes are thought to reach around 20 inches (50 cm) in length. ‘The species will probably prove to be endemic to the Cardamom Mountains,’ said herpetologist Neang Thy, who both discovered and described the new species.

British senior citizen dies of a stroke after waiting two hours for an ambulance despite living 100 YARDS from the nearest hospital: “A pensioner died after he was forced to wait two hours for an ambulance, after suffering a stroke, despite living 100 yards from a hospital. Trevor Bryer collapsed at his home in Llanelli, South Wales on May 6. But despite three desperate attempts to call for help, his widow Karen Bryer was forced to watch her husband of 24 years deteriorate in front of her eyes. An ambulance finally arrived, having travelled more than an hour from Haverfordwest, 46 miles away, taking Mr Bryer to the Prince Philip Hospital, which is visible from the Bryer’s home. Two days later the 72-year-old former policeman lost his fight for life. Offering their condolences to Mrs Bryer, the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust confirmed they have launched an inquiry into what happened. NHS guidelines state that the most important care for people with any form of stroke is ‘prompt admission to a specialist stroke unit’.”

Lubricant laced with cannabis oils makes women more relaxed – and can lead to multiple orgasms: “Cannabis is said to heighten your sense of smell and taste, and now it could boost sexual pleasure too. A Californian company has created ‘sensual enhancement oil’ for women, which is made from a mixture of coconut and cannabis oils. And it claims the oil can result in a ‘high’ for some users. Foria can be ingested or applied topically, to ‘create the relaxation needed for sensual experience’ and possibly multiple orgasms. While it can result in some users getting high, Aphrodite Group – the medical marijuana collective that sells the potion – said the majority of women who use it do not experience that feeling, but instead are more relaxed. The formula was inspired by the historical use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac in traditional cultures around the world.”

Fed up businessman’s last straw: Indian owner of £53,000 Jaguar turns to donkey power after it keeps breaking down: “An Indian Jaguar owner has taken to driving round town in his new car with it being pulled by donkeys because he says it is the only way to make it move. Businessman Rahul Thackreym, 38, who lives in India’s western Ahmedabad city came up with the idea after the brand new £53,000 car repeatedly broke down. He claims he went back to the dealership to get the Jaguar XJ model fixed on several occasions, but as soon as one problem was fixed, another cropped up. He said: ‘I was fed up with going back and getting them to put things right only to have something else go wrong. ‘In order to make sure I could at least still use it and to let the dealer know what I thought of their cars, I came up with the idea of having it towed around by donkeys. ‘Basically, a donkey it seems is more reliable than a Jaguar.’ He added: ‘In my opinion, this car is worse than a sardine tin on wheels.”

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