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Odd news from around the world

Chile elevator slams man into roof after rocketing 31 floors in 15 seconds: “A man was badly injured when a malfunctioning lift rocketed up a Chilean skyscraper and slammed him into the roof at a speed of 50 miles per hour. CCTV video posted on YouTube shows 31-year-old José Vergara Acevedo hammering in vain at the lift’s buttons after a technical problem caused it to hurtle up 31 floors in the space of 15 seconds with the doors open. The CCTV cut out as it crashed into the roof of the building in Bustamente Community Park in Providencia, a suburb of the capital Santiago. Firemen were called in to rescue Mr Vergara, who was taken to hospital with injuries to his head and legs, Emol Chile reported. The building was finished just eight months ago and local authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.”

The charming judge Cardinal

Secret British court jails gran who hugged her granddaughter: “A grandmother has been sentenced to three months in prison after she was filmed giving her granddaughter a hug. Kathleen Danby, 72, was jailed by the secretive Court of Protection, which decided she had disobeyed its order that she should not see the teenager. Under a draconian judgment kept secret from the public, Mrs Danby had been banned from making contact with the girl, who is 18 but has learning difficulties. She was told she could only speak to her on the phone once a month at a set time, with social workers listening in. Mrs Danby was ordered back to court when social workers heard that she had met the girl at a model railway exhibition. Police also presented CCTV footage of her hugging her granddaughter outside a pub. Mrs Danby was not at the hearing in Birmingham in April to give her version of events but Judge Martin Cardinal said the CCTV showed she was in contempt. He ordered that she be jailed for three months and issued a warrant for her arrest. The teenager was in the care home against her will and had run away 175 times, Mrs Danby said.”

Costly farmers’ markets are for snobs, says top food critic: “His acerbic put downs are usually restricted to hapless chefs and pretentious restaurants. But food critic Jay Rayner has now served up a withering assessment of farmers’ markets – to the fury of those who run them. The MasterChef star, who also works as a critic for BBC One programme The One Show, said that the overpriced fare sold at local markets is nothing more than a ‘status symbol’ for wealthy shoppers. Instead, the 47-year-old has extolled the virtues of sprawling supermarket chains who offer cheap ingredients, while dismissing the idea of buying a £15 chicken as similar to splashing out on a Chanel handbag. In an interview in the local Cotswold Life magazine, Rayner said: ‘As I say repeatedly, I like a good farmers’ market. But if you think they’re a genuine answer to food retail in the UK, you’re sadly mistaken. ‘I’m not a head-banging old Trot. There is nothing wrong with spending your expendable income in whatever way you wish. But what you mustn’t do is to allow there to be a veneer of self-righteousness across the top of it, which makes that indulgence of an aesthetic into some political statement. Because that it ain’t.’”

The eagle has landed….in my living room: “Perched imperiously on top of a wooden display cabinet, it looks rather like something brought home from the taxidermist. But this eagle was very much alive, swooping into a living room through a set of open patio doors. The bird, a steppe eagle called Storm, landed on the cabinet and then knocked over a selection of ornaments with its 4ft wings and pecked at a bowl of pot-pourri. Wendy Morrell had just settled down to watch the French Open tennis final when the 18ins tall bird of prey flew through open patio doors and into her lounge in Poole, Dorset. They then phoned a local bird of prey rescue centre and an expert spent 30 minutes coaxing the eagle eagle onto his glove using a dead chick. It was later reunited with its owner and falconer James Moore. The eagle had been reported missing three days prior to turning up at Wendy’s house after it was frightened by a loud bang and broke its tethers.

Pentagon tests Spiderman-like climbing equipment: “The Pentagon has successfully tested Spiderman-like climbing equipment that could one day allow US troops to scale the sides of glass buildings carrying heavy equipment. The Z-Man programme is inspired by the climbing skills of spiders and geckos and looks for ways to replicate their abilities for American commandos. Scientists have designed hand-held suction pads sturdy enough to support a full grown man as he climbs a vertical surface carrying bulky kit. The pads were tested at a lab in Massachusetts, where a 16-stone man was able to go straight up 25 feet of glass using only the paddles. The US department of defence hopes the new equipment will replace climbing tools like ropes and ladders, which have not advanced significantly since medieval soldiers scaled castle walls. The Pentagon also said the new equipment would allow multiple troops to climb a wall together, while ropes or ladders force soldiers to climb one at a time”

Married Las Vegas street performers kill two police in bid to ‘start revolution’: “A married couple vowed to “start a revolution” as they murdered two police officers on Sunday in a Las Vegas pizza restaurant before covering their bodies in American Revolutionary War flags associated with the Tea Party movement and a swastika. Jerad Miller, 31, and his wife Amanda, then went across the road to a supermarket where they killed a shopper, were pinned down by police fire, and turned their guns on themselves in a suicide pact. Miller had posted a series of anti-government, pro-gun rants on the internet going back months, calling for “bloodshed” against the “tyrannical and fascist” state. In one he said: “Would George Washington have used an AK against the British? Yes, a resounding yes”. The couple married in 2012 and had moved to Las Vegas from Indiana within the last year. Miller spent his days dressing as characters The Joker and Peter Pan to work as a street performer in downtown Las Vegas. His wife dressed as The Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn.

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