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Odd news from around the world

Pastor arrested for killing 55-year-old foulmouth in fight while on ministry trip in Las Vegas: “A California youth pastor has been charged with murder after a fight with a Las Vegas man last year ultimately led to his death. Robert Cox of Manteca, California was just passing through Sin City last June when he stopped for a late dinner with his church group en route to Texas. There he encountered 55-year-old Link Ellingson. A scuffle broke out in which Cox pushed Ellingson over, causing him to hit his head. After a six-month coma, Ellingson died from brain hemorrhaging. Now, police are holding the beloved pastor responsible for his death even as members of his family and congregation maintain he was acting in self defense. Cox was on a ministry trip to Texas with his wife and some church interns when they stopped at the Four Kegs pub on June 13, 2013. Group members said they were in the parking lot when Ellingson approached, threatened them and assaulted them. ‘He said, “Hey girlfriend, you want to ‘F’ with me?”‘ witness Kelli Lane told KTXL-TV. “And Rob was immediately like, ‘Oh my gosh, no,’ backed up, ‘I have kids here,’ said no. And the man said, “Well I’m coming to ‘F’ with you.”‘ According to the witnesses, Cox grabbed the man and fell with him to the ground. ”

British Leftist politician eclipsed by his cheeky wife: “A Labour MP has joked about his Twitter followers switching to his wife, after she posted a series of photos online of her cleavage. Karen Danczuk, 31, married to Rochdale MP Simon, 47, has used her Twitter profile to increase her media exposure, and even mock Labour leader Ed Miliband. Dozens of saucy ‘selfies’ on Twitter revealing her plunging cleavage led to a surge of interest in her tweets, not least by Mr Danczuk’s fellow Labour MPs. Mr Danczuk has been an outspoken critic of Mr Miliband, urging him to shake up the team around him and connect with ordinary voters. But his ‘gorgeous’ young wife Karen has made a bigger impression with her online images, and swipes at the Labour leader. The images have flowed in recent days, leading to a surge Mrs Danczuk’s Twitter followers. Mrs Danczuk responded by blitzing the site with even more shots – making it hard for Labour MPs to get any work done. The couple own and run Danczuk’s Deli and coffee shop in Rochdale.

Australian cyclist swaps his drink bottle for a spectator’s beer as he faces grueling hillclimb: “Australian cyclist Adam Hansen swapped his water for a well -earned cheeky beer while racing in the Tour of Turkey. It was a seamless action, when Hansen did the exchange of his water container for a bottle of the cleansing ale with a spectator in last month’s eight-day event that winds along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts finishing in Istanbul. In a spectacular ‘turning water-into-wine’ moment – Hansen tossed his H20 just in time to snatch the cool brew from a bystander’s hands in one smooth sweep. Hansen tested out the new hydration option in his bike’s drink holder which fitted the lager bottle quite snugly. Although Hansen didn’t win the race, he received a roar of cheers from the onlooking crowd who were clearly impressed with the humorous antic.”

Feathered friends galore: “Swooping in from all directions, this is the spectacular sight of tens of thousands of birds gathering at one of the largest gannet colonies in the world. The remote Bass Rock, off the east coast of Scotland, will soon be home to 150,000 of the birds as breeding season gets underway. But at its peak the island is home to an incredible 500,000 seabirds including puffins, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, shags and terns. The first of this year’s gannet chick has just been spotted on the island which almost appears to have turned white such is the volume of nesting birds. The area is of international importance for seabirds and is crucial for gannets which usually return to the same mate and nest each year. Gannets are Britain’s largest seabird, with a wing span of more than 6ft, and can live for more than 30 years. They have such good eyesight that they can spot schools of fish below the surface of the water and dive at speeds of up to 62mph. Bass Rock, which lies in the Firth of Forth… has been uninhabited since 1988 when the last lighthouse keeper left.”

Black lady objects to passionate Hispanic cop: “A Florida police officer is under fire after a photograph of him in uniform and leaning on a police car while in a passionate embrace with a woman began circulating online. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office patrolman Irving Diaz was snapped grabbing the rear of the woman outside a Denny’s on Blanding Boulevard last week. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the woman was Diaz’s girlfriend – but that fact makes little difference to the feelings of locals who saw the picture. The image was taken by Neshia Thomas, who says Diaz and his girlfriend were putting on a shameless display around 6pm on Monday. ‘I mean kissing, smooching, like French kissing. Not a simple kiss on the lips,’ Thomas told News4Jax. ‘All they needed was a bed to fall out of the sky. It was just ridiculous.’ Thomas says she took the picture because she was offended by the behavior of Diaz which reportedly went on for 15 minutes.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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