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Odd news from around the world

Artists get £20k to ‘grapple with the concept of thing-ness’: “Taxpayers are paying artists to tour Latin America, make mistakes and ‘grapple with the concept of thing-ness’ in projects denounced as a ‘ridiculous’ and ‘self-indulgent’ waste of money. Those receiving handouts from Arts Council Wales include dancer Gareth Clark, given £24,894 to ‘put himself in a place of contemplation and reflection’. Writer Richard Gwynn has been given £25,000 to tour Latin American in search of ‘poets and wanderers’. He is posting blogs of his adventures. Artist Susan Adams has been given £20,000 for her Go! Be A Bird! project, to find ‘free flow narratives… whose meanings are less clear to her’. And painter Brendan Stuart Burns has been given £20,000 to stop teaching for 12 months, granting him ‘time to make mistakes’. The quango said he was ‘grappling with the concept of thing-ness’.”

Is this Cornwall’s Bermuda Triangle? Villagers believe dozens of cars are POSSESSED because they keep locking and unlocking themselves for no reason: “Residents in a Cornish village fear their cars may have been ‘possessed’ after vehicles started mysteriously locking and unlocking themselves. People living in Summercourt, near Newquay, have reported door locks bizarrely activating on their own – on one occasion trapping a frightened child inside. Baffled motorists claim dozens of cars in the village have been ‘possessed’ and have dubbed the area the ‘Summercourt Triangle’ – named after the famous Bermuda Triangle where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under strange circumstances. Resident Wendy Malham said: ‘I got in the car to drive to school and the locks were going on-off, on-off, like it was possessed. Expert Mike Parris from car technology consultancy firm SBD said the most likely cause was accidental radio interference adding that it was ‘not unheard of’.

There’s gold in them thar faucets: “Montana neighbors say gold is pouring right out of their water taps, and they’re worried that’s not all their drinking water contains. Mark Brown of Whitehall says his wife Sharon was letting out the dishwater after washing up when she noticed something odd – what looked like flakes of gold among the suds. They decided that it couldn’t possibly be gold, says Brown, but chemical tests proved that the flecks were, in fact, pure gold. Whitehall gets its drinking water from two wells in the middle of town, reports NBC Montana. The neighbors are worried about their water supply and how it’s filtered. The Golden Sunlight gold mine opened about five miles northeast of Whitehall in 1982. NBC reports that an official with the State Department of Environmental Quality said there’s no reason to suspect the gold came from the mine. The official said he believes the flakes could have come from pipes or pumps tied to the Whitehouse water supply.”

‘Give me my pocket money or I’ll jump’: Chinese boy, 10, holds parents to ransom over late payment of his 50p: “It’s the tantrum every parent knows all too well – the kicking and screaming when a child isn’t paid their pocket money. But when ten-year-old Xiao Wei’s father was late in paying him his weekly 50p stipend, the stubborn youngster took matters into his own hands. Rather than break some toys or sulk in his room, he climbed onto the window sill of the family’s third-storey apartment… and threatened to jump if he wasn’t paid in full and on time. Incredibly, police in Shangsi county in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said it was the fifth time he had threatened or attempted to end his life – part of a trend being mirrored across the country. He has attempted to take his own life so many times over any lapse in his lifestyle remuneration that his father didn’t even come to the scene – choosing to drink rice wine at home instead. And last month he actually did leap from an apartment building, but his fall was broken by telegraph and electrical cables and he was only slightly hurt.”

British social workers snatched mother’s baby from her minutes after birth with no warning: “A mother had her newborn baby girl taken away by social workers without any warning following a secret court hearing. A High Court judge made a ‘draconian’ ruling that council officials did not have to tell the 24-year-old woman of their intention to remove her child just hours after she gave birth. This meant that the mentally-ill mother and her family had no chance to instruct lawyers to fight the plans. Critics of behind-closed-doors justice condemned the judgment as an ‘absolute scandal’. The judge in the case, Mr Justice Keehan, admitted it was a ‘highly exceptional’ step that was ‘at the extremity’ of what the law allows. He said there was a ‘very real risk’ that the woman, who has schizophrenia and an IQ of just 63, could harm herself and her unborn child if she learned of social services’ plans. The judge also imposed a gagging order banning all reporting of his ruling, which was only lifted after the little girl was taken into care.”

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