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Odd news from around the world

Being FAT can be good for you — doctor says: “Consider the various bits of advice doled out by so-called medical experts in the past 100 years or so and you’ll realise how often there has been a complete about-turn when it comes to the validity of a certain fact, claim, or practice. But, as a cardiologist who has been in practice for nearly three decades and written more than 800 medical publications, including two text books, I am here to tell you that fatness has been sorely misunderstood. Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest that, just as a glass of wine a day has been proven to impart health benefits, so body fat in the right amount can be exactly what we need to live long and healthy lives. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting that people of ‘normal’ weight start embracing cream buns and piling on the pounds. But if you are already carrying extra fat, it’s not the end of the world, especially if you maintain a certain level of fitness”

Want your date to find you attractive? Take them to a horror movie and make sure they’re hungry!: “The best way to impress your date is to scare the living daylights out of them and to NOT take them for dinner. Studies show a potential love interest is more likely to fancy you if they’re craving food and if they’ve just had a scare. When hungry, people were found to find a wider range of body shapes attractive and were more likely to be attracted to bigger people. And scientists say people often mistake the feeling of fear for sexual arousal…. He described a study which showed that people who crossed a scary wobbly bridge were much more likely to rate a person at the end of the bridge attractive. He said the strongest predictor of long-term stability in a relationship is similarity. ‘We look for people who are highly similar to us and who share the same life values.

London’s trail of buried diggers: “Wealthy home owners who have extended their homes by adding new basement floors are leaving a trail of entombed diggers around London because they are cheaper to bury than lift to street level. Property experts estimate there could be up to 1,000 JCBs buried under sand, gravel and concrete, close to some of the capital’s most expensive houses. Developers told the New Statesman that the machinery is becoming an increasingly big obstacle as they revisit homes that have already been extended underground. The total value of the JCBs buried underground is thought to be around £5 million. The trend of adding new subterranean floors to London houses has become a highly lucrative business as space becomes harder and harder to come by in the capital.”

World’s first drone made of chocolate takes to the skies: “The user, known as Mike C, and his girlfriend created an entire quadcopter out of chocolate – and it not only flies, but it’s edible as well. On his DIY Drones blog Mike revealed how his love of quadcopters and his girlfriend’s love of baking combined to give rise to the invention. But the duo persevered, and the end result is something that, amazingly, is able to take flight without falling apart. The motors, flight controller and battery were attached to spacers, in order to separate them from the chocolate and prevent them heating and melting it. The chocolate was then poured into the mould, which was placed in the fridge until it set. The copter was taken outside and, much to the amazement of Mike C and his girlfriend, flew without issue.”

Male guinea pig at animal sanctuary breaks free from his cage and makes 100 females pregnant: “A guinea pig which broke out of its enclosure at an animal sanctuary and mated with 100 females is set to become a father to around 400 babies after getting all of them pregnant. The two-year-old rodent – nicknamed Randy by staff – managed to get all of the female guinea pigs at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire pregnant before staff cottoned on to his antics. Workers were initially confused when they discovered all of the guinea pigs were expecting following an inspection because the males and females are usually kept apart. But staff soon discovered Randy was to blame after noticing he had lost a bit of weight. Manager Richard Craddock said: ‘One of our male guinea pig managed to find his way into the female enclosure and had a very good time by the looks of it. ‘We suspect a child may have placed him back in the wrong pen by accident after stroking him or Randy may have somehow broken out of his enclosure to get to the females.”

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