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Odd news from around the world

Malaysian mother ties up and canes man who raped her 13-year-old daughter… and now SHE could face charges: “A mother who tied up and caned the man who allegedly raped her young daughter is now likely to be charged for taking the law into her own hands. A video showing the mother thrashing the 28-year-old man in a village in north east Malaysia has been taken off the web – but not before thousands saw her meting out her own form of punishment. Ironically, if he is convicted of raping the 13-year-old girl he is likely to be caned all over again by the authorities as well as receiving a lengthy prison sentence. ‘He received injuries to his body and head and had to go to hospital, while a second man linked to the rape was assaulted by a group of people,’ commissioner Lai told Malaysia’s The Star newspaper. Now those involved in handing out the punishment to the alleged rapists are also expected to be charged. ‘People should not take the law Into their own hands, even if they believe they have a right to do so,’ said Mr Lai.”

Cat lovers are smarter than dog owners, study claims: “Pet owners have long fought like cats and dogs about whether felines or canines make the best furry companions. But now a new study claims that cat owners are smarter than dog owners – regardless of their pet’s intelligence. The research revealed that the owners of the two animals tend to have different personalities – with cat lovers being more sensitive and open-minded than dog lovers who are largely energetic. A study by Carroll University, Wisconsin found that cat owners scored more highly on an intelligence test than dog owners. A total of 600 students took a survey to reveal their personality traits and were asked whether they are cat or dog lovers.”

The English don’t know how to greet one-another: “England is the only country where people are unsure of how to greet each other, according to an expert – and the only remedy is to revive an old-fashioned phrase. Social anthropologist Kate Fox claims that the demise of the greeting ‘How do you do?’ has created awkwardness as English people no longer know how to say hello to each other. However, she points out that conversations about the weather often fulfil the function of forming social bonds – in the same way as apes groom each other. ‘I know people think that “How do you do?” is an archaic, stuffy, sort of upper classy-type thing to say,’ she said. ‘But we really should be mounting a campaign for its revival because since “How do you do?” declined as a standard greeting we haven’t known what to say. ‘We don’t know what to do with our hands, we don’t know whether to kiss once or twice. Every single other nation on the planet has a straightforward ritual for greeting someone. We seem to be the only ones who can’t reach a consensus on what’s appropriate.'”

British doctors say they did the right thing despite failing to treat the whooping cough that killed baby: “A mother has spoken of her devastation following the death of her baby boy who died of whooping cough despite doctors sending him home three times. Cavani-Cruz was born a healthy 6lb 13oz on February 4 at King’s College Hospital but nine days later his mother Semray Mentes was forced to bring him back because he was vomiting and had a runny nose and cough. When doctors finally put him on a life support machine they misdiagnosed his illness as bronchiolitus, Semray claims. In total she was sent home three times by doctors she says. In April a post mortem examination concluded that the little boy had been suffering from untreated whooping cough which led to organ failure. A King’s College Hospital spokesman said: ‘We have explained to Ms Mentes that Cavani was seen by specialist paediatric doctors on each visit to King’s. Having looked in detail at the case, we consider the correct clinical treatment and advice was provided on each occasion.’

Rare dog revival: “The Skye terrier, one of Britain’s most endangered dogs and rarer than the wild panda, is bounding back with a mini breeding boom. In the first three months of the year 11 Skye puppies were registered with the Kennel Club, compared with one in the same period last year. But there are now little more than 3,000 of the breed in the world and fewer than 400 in Britain. Experts claim about 300 a year need to be born to save the breed from extinction. The Skye terrier is one of the oldest native breeds, dating to the 14th Century. It is generally accepted the breed originated with a local terrier mating with dogs which survived the sinking of a man-of-war from the Spanish Armada. The best-known Skye terrier is Greyfriars Bobby, famous in 19th Century Edinburgh for supposedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his police constable master, John Gray. Mary Queen of Scots is reputed to have hidden one under her skirt when she was beheaded.”

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