Contestants at the West Lothian Highland games yesterday

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Even Spring is a bit chilly in Scotland but these braw Scotsmen (pictured with their chieftan) don’t seem to notice

And there were some bonny wee lassies there too




Odd news from around the world

Being ignored is WORSE than being bullied: Ostracism is more psychologically damaging: “The famous quote claims the only thing in life worse than being talked about, is not being talked about – and a new study may have proved this to be the case. Being ignored at work has been found to be worse for a person’s health than people who are harassed or bullied. Researchers found that while most consider ostracism less harmful than bullying, feeling excluded is significantly more likely to lead job dissatisfaction, quitting and health problems. ‘We’ve been taught that ignoring someone is socially preferable – if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all,’ said University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business Professor Sandra Robinson, who co-authored the study. ‘But ostracism actually leads people to feel more helpless, like they’re not worthy of any attention at all.’ The researchers used a series of surveys for their study.”

Man knocked down and killed by revolving door: “An elderly man died after he was knocked down by revolving doors at hospital, an inquest heard. Roderick Elliott, 73, was leaving a check up at the clinic after suffering two strokes when he was hit by the entrance. The pensioner was left with a broken thigh bone and died in the same hospital six days later. Incredibly, an inquest revealed he was the second victim to suffer injuries inflicted by the door at South Tyneside District Hospital. Mr Elliott relied on a walking stick after suffering a stroke in 2001 and another in 2006, his widow Jean told the court. She said they were making their way to the exit after an appointment on October 21, 2011, when her husband was struck and sent flying. He was taken into the accident and emergency department and an X-ray revealed he had broken his right femur. However, days after the operation Mr Elliott was taken to the toilet in a wheelchair and when staff went back to collect him 10 minutes later they found him unresponsive.”

Star Trek edges closer to reality: Tractor beam moves object using nothing but the power of ultrasound: “Scottish scientists claim to have created the most powerful version of a tractor beam to date using the power of sound. The device is a square array of about a thousand ultrasound emitters placed at the bottom of a water-filled chamber. In their experiments, the researchers used the array to pull in hollow triangular objects. While it can’t compete with Star Trek, the beam pulls with a billion times more force and can tow objects a million times larger than previous designs for tractor beams. Dr Christine Demore, of the university’s Institute For Medical Science and Technology (IMSAT), said: ‘We were able to show that you could exert sufficient force on an object around 1cm (about 0.4in) in size to hold or move it, by directing twin beams of energy from the ultrasound array towards the back of the object.’”

Shining a light on the brain: Researchers reveal funny hat to record neural activity: “A new brain scanning system that shines tiny lights onto the head works just as well as magnetic brain scanner, researchers have revealed. The new system requires wearers to don a ‘smart cap’. It works by detecting light transmitted through the head and capturing the dynamic changes in the colors of the brain tissue. Researchers say the new optical approach is ideal for children and for patients with electronic implants, such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, and deep brain stimulators that are used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have been developing the technology, called diffuse optical tomography (DOT), for more than 10 years, but the method had been limited to small regions of the brain. The new DOT instrument covers two-thirds of the head and for the first time can image brain processes taking place in multiple regions and brain networks such as those involved in language processing and self-reflection (daydreaming).”

Is this FINALLY the end of air rage? airline bans reclining seats: “Monarch is to introduce non-reclining seats across its entire fleet of planes. The light-weight design, to be rolled out this summer, has been launched to create more ‘living space’ for passengers after customer research showed the existing style was unpopular. It comes after surveys revealed that nine in ten travellers wanted reclining seats banned, and voted them one of the most common causes of mid-flight anger. Using light-weight materials that also achieve ‘significant’ savings on fuel emissions, Monarch, which flies from six UK bases including Gatwick, said the new seats offer passengers more legroom. It also includes a tablet holder for the technology-savvy holidaymaker, which the airline called ‘an aviation first’. The new, non-reclining thinner design is similar to that used in the automotive industry.

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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  1. That lady is Susan Boyle, the singer.

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