A seriously mislocated elephant

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The baby elephant was trapped in a manhole in eastern Thailand. Rescuers spent 3 hours freeing the animal, which was unharmed



Odd news from around the world

Man left scarred for life after his stomach bursts into flames on the operating table: “A man has been left scarred for life after his stomach caught fire while on an operating table. Paul Hill, 43, from Stockton-on-Tees was burned after an alcohol-based body steriliser burst into flames while he was under general anaesthetic in an operating theatre at Stockton’s University Hospital of North Tees. The father-of-four is now awaiting answers from an internal investigation by hospital bosses into how the incident happened. It was only after his operation that Mr Hill was told the shocking news that his stomach had caught fire when a solution used to clean the skin ignited.” [This has happened before. It’s only in a cheapskate British hospital that an alcohol-based sterilant would still be used]

British treasure hunter finds $37,000 gold necklet during his lunch break: “A British treasure hunter stumbled on a $37,000 bronze age golden necklet during his smoko. After a frustrating morning of scouring the Dorset country side with his metal detector, finding nothing but junk, David Spohr decided to take a break. Setting out to secure his packed lunch, the 55-year-old’s discarded metal detector suddenly went off. Fortunately for him, he decided to postpone his cow-field snack to fossick in the soil for the source of the errant signal. In his fingers emerged the form of a bronze age lunula — a solid gold necklet in the shape of a crescent moon. It is believed to be anywhere between 2500 and 4500 years old. Finely engraved with zigzag and stripe patterns, it is one of only three of its style ever found in Britain. It has been valued at up to $37,000. The object will be examined by government archaeologists before being declared a treasure. Proceeds will be split between the Blandford, Dorset, land owner and Mr Spohr.”

Homeowner is denied insurance because of flood risk… despite living 250ft above sea on hillside: “A homeowner has been denied home insurance because of a flood risk despite living 250ft above sea on a hillside. Eric Brisley, 85, whose home overlooks North Sands beach in scenic Salcombe, Devon, couldn’t believe it when Lloyds told him it was too risky to insure his home. The retired ICI worker said it would be impossible for his home to flood because of its height and distance of 750ft from the sea. But the company which assesses risk on a postcode basis said all houses in his postcode are a flood risk and has placed a blanket ban on insuring them. Mr Brisley, a grandfather of three has lived at the house for 30 years”

The climbing cat: “When it comes to having a sense of adventure, there are few cats that can match Millie. Not even wild mountain cats. For Millie is a domestic feline who just loves scrambling up mountains and boulders in her native Utah with owner Craig Armstrong. The adorable feline was abandoned by her owners when she was just a few days old – but luckily climbing-mad Mr Armstrong adopted her. Millie soon came to love accompanying him on his hilly adventures and he even bought her a miniature harness. Now they hit the trails at weekends and camp overnight together, while Mr Armstrong’s other cat keeps his girlfriend company at home. Mr Armstrong, 37, said: ‘I just knew one day I would get a pet and when I did I would take it everywhere with me. Millie is perfect – she’s a natural in the mountains. I make sure she is kept on the best quality cat food. ‘Millie is an athlete, she trains hard, and diet is an important part of any athlete’s complete routine.’”

Carefree young driver: “A care worker slammed her car into a police roadblock while drunkenly driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway at 60mph, a court heard today. Perri Game, 21, ploughed into unmarked police vehicles, which had blocked the three lane carriageway to try to stop her dangerous driving. But instead of slowing down, Game – who was twice the legal alcohol limit for driving – ignored the patrol vehicles’ headlights and carried on with her journey on the A3 at Burpham, Surrey. She then crashed into the police cars, injuring the officers and writing off two vehicles, before ricocheting into the central reservation. A judge today jailed Game, of Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, for four months after she admitted dangerous driving and drink driving. Judge Christopher Critchlow, sitting at Guildford Crown Court, was told that Game could not remember why she had got behind the wheel that night.

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  1. I would like to know the outcome for the trapped elephant> Is that possible?

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