A real Darth Vader

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It’s a fruit fly — magnified




Odd news from around the world

Detox diets ‘a waste of time and money’: All you need is a glass of water and a good sleep: “Detox diets, such as the trendy juice fasting, is nothing but a waste of time and money, scientists claim. They say that instead of subsisting on raw fruit and vegetables and shunning sugar and caffeine to cleanse the body of chemicals, all we need is a glass of water and a good night’s sleep. A myth-busting guide on the chemicals that form part of our everyday lives states that our body is perfectly capable of protecting itself from life’s excesses. And it is a myth that the process can be speeded by special diets, body wraps or pills. The gut stops many potential poisons getting into our system in the first place. And the liver deals with those that do. Other experts were more blunt. Dr John Hoskins, an independent consultant toxicologist, said: ‘The only thing that loses weight on a detox diet is your wallet.’”

REAL heavy metal: “Other bands may cover their arms in tattoos, spikes and 1980s haircuts, but they will still not be able to beat these guys when it comes to being metal. German metal band Compressorhead are made up of three 5ft tall robots, and brought down the house when they took the stage at the Robot Ball exhibition at ARTPLAY Center for Design in Moscow this weekend. The world’s only robot rock band comprises four-armed Stickboy on drums, Bones on bass, and 79-diggited Fingers plays the guitar. Compressorhead’s members are all built out of scrap metal and are controlled by electro pneumatics and make sweet rock happen thanks to Midi signals. The band’s version of Ace of Spades has been viewed more than 6.3million times on YouTube. The month-long exhibition in Moscow features around 40 robots from across the globe, including Canada, the U.S., the UK, Asia, and New Zealand.”

A cop with a sense of humor: “In a post last week, crime prevention officer Daniel Greef from The Lachlan Local Area Command asked if anyone had received bad customer service from their drug dealer. It was genius, pure genius, masking the classic dob-in appeal as an opportunity to make a consumer complaint. The senior constable had no idea how much attention the post would receive. His amusing post generated 2500 likes (and counting) on the LAC Facebook page, hundreds of new fans and several more comments. Snr Con Greef told news.com.au he had posted other tongue-in-cheek comments in the past but didn’t realise people would find this one as shareable as they did.”

Grandmother, 64, dies after notorious Indian dentist tries to extract TWENTY teeth at once: “A 64-year-old grandmother who lost consciousness in the dentist chair while undergoing a complex procedure to have 20 teeth extracted all at once, died just one hour later in hospital. Retired librarian, mother-of-two and grandmother Judy Gan was having the extractions, together with implants and grafts performed at Dr. Patel’s Enfield Dental Surgery in Connecticut on Feb. 17 when she became unresponsive. The two dental assistants present have since told investigators that they begged Dr. Rashmi Patel to stop what he was doing after his patients’ vitals kept dropping. Patel, a practicing dentist in the state for almost 11 years, allegedly refused a first request by his staff to halt the procedure and call 911 and even continued working after Gan had briefly woken up and asked him to stop. The Department of Public Health and the state Dental Commission suspended Patel’s license last month after receiving an anonymous tip following Gan’s death, reports WFSB.”

540ft-high dam turned into world’s tallest climbing wall: “It’s considered the Everest of wall climbing. But these daredevils make scaling the 540ft Diga di Luzzone look easy. Thrill-seekers turned the dam in Blenio, Switzerland, into a climbing wall by adding holds to its face. Climbers need to use a ladder to get up the first 20ft of the wall, which has five pitches in total. And for those brave enough to scale to its top, stunning views of the Alps are awaiting. Ilana Marcus, 31, a climber from Germany who works for website Thrillseekers Anonymous, said: ‘The climbing was very smooth and fun. The most memorable part of this climb may have very well been the start and finish. ‘Obtaining the ladder to access the route and then having to put it away while on route was an experience not to be forgotten. ‘Topping out the climb to an audience of tourists watching your every move and perhaps anticipating the possibility of an exciting fall was memorable.”

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