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It’s Kim Kardashian




Odd news from around the world

Machine that could scan the brain and read your dreams: Scanner is so powerful it can detect and reconstruct images of faces people are thinking of: “Scientists have created a machine with the potential to read our dreams while we sleep. Researchers in the US say it is so powerful that it can extract images from people’s brains and display them on a screen. The data from the brain scanner has already been used to detect and reconstruct images of faces that people are thinking of. Researchers believe the same technology could be used in the future to enable them to reconstruct images from people’s memories, imagination and dreams. It could also possibly be used to collect images of criminals from the minds of witnesses. Six volunteers were shown 300 faces while they laid inside an MRI scanner. Scientists were then able to analyse how their brains responded to dozens of different facial features including blond hair and blue eyes to dark skin and beards.”

Go-anywhere home on wheels: “Ever wonder what would happen if a garbage truck got converted into a mobile home? Well, the engineers at Germany heavy vehicle maker UNICAT have, creating a line of unusual-looking recreational vehicles that are definitely worlds away from a Winnebago. UNICAT’s Terracross line, with six models to choose from ‘are available to accommodate your personal ideas about travel,’ according to the company’s website. The model displayed in the photos is the EX-63HD/MAN TGA 6×6 , which UNICAT describes as a ‘machine [that] combines the rugged “go anywhere” off-road capabilities of the MAN 6×6 with the comforts of living at home. After 2 years of design, construction and testing. Built to the exacting standards of the world-class UNICAT engineering team, this “Home on Wheels” is virtually unused and is ready for your immediate occupancy.’

The two Mexicos: “These striking photographs show the scale of poverty – and affluence – that live shoulder-to-shoulder in Mexican cities. A modern, luxury apartment block towers with confidence over its surroundings. Residents enjoy the view from their rooftop gardens but – tellingly – have set up large screens to block out the view in one direction. If they were to peer round the barricades, however, they would be confronted with a slum-like maze of cramped, tumbledown concrete constructions just inches from their plush existences. The photographs were produced by ad firm Publicis, based in Mexico City. In a nod to the sheer disparity on display, creators of the anti-poverty ad campaign, called Erase the Differences, felt compelled to put a disclaimer on each picture reading: ‘This image has not been modified. It’s time to change that’.” [The rich Mexicans tend to be whites of mainly Spanish origin while the poor tend to be brown of Indian ancestry]

Chinese Lonely Hearts: “It could be a missing persons wall set up after a natural disaster or even some kind of art installation. But these rows upon rows of flyers are actually part of a marriage market where Chinese parents come to find prospective husbands and wives for their children. Every Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5pm, regardless of the weather, the People’s Park in Shanghai is crowded with mothers and fathers studying the Lonely Hearts messages that adorn the grounds. On the walls of the avenues, on trees and on washing lines, hundreds of resumes are hung by parents often without the knowledge of their children. On them they reveal the vital statistics of their offspring, including their height, age, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign and whether they own a car or an apartment. Although the right to choose your own spouse has long been established in China, Chinese parents still feel the need to try and set their children up”

Sherlock Holmes gets 69 MILLION viewers in China – despite it being BANNED for being ‘too risque’ by Chinese authorities: “China’s ban on BBC show Sherlock hasn’t stopped it becoming a huge hit on the internet, it was reported today. The show was among dozens of Western programmes banned by censors in a crackdown aimed at sexual content. But despite not appearing on the Chinese Central ­Television network or other major channels, 69 million viewers have still seen it on video websites. A source in China told the Sunday Mirror: ‘Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother, is a dodgy government official and that’s probably too close to home for the Communist Party of China. ‘Chinese dramas are dull compared to UK ones. That’s why they’re so popular and people watch them over the internet.’ Broadcasters in China have had strict regulations about showing Western content, but until recently the rules were not as strict for online streaming sites.”

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