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Odd news from around the world

British Prison ‘spent £80,000 replacing locks after keys go missing… only for them to turn up afterwards’: “A prison has been forced to change its locks after staff lost the keys. An insider claims HMP Haverigg, Cumbria, was landed with an £80,000 bill for the bungle, although the Ministry of Justice refuse to confirm the figure. The missing keys turned up after locks at the 644-inmate jail were replaced. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed several locks at HMP Haverigg were changed after prison keys went missing at the jail on May 6. The MoJ said all inmates were in their cells at the time the keys were lost and stressed the “human error” had not put posed any risk of escape from the jail or threat to the public. A spokesman remained tight lipped over the number of locks the keys were able to open but confirmed they were for internal doors only.”

Six-year-old girl had leukaemia but British government doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed it as FLAT FEET: “A mother was repeatedly told her six-year-old daughter had ‘flat feet’ by doctors when in fact she had cancer. Erin Gray started limping in May 2012 but doctors initially told her parents Lorraine, 49, and Richard, 52, it was caused by her flat feet. However, her condition deteriorated and the youngster was left paralysed from the waist down following a dance class in November 2012. After being sent to hospital for blood tests the next day her parents were given the devastating news that she had leukaemia. Mrs Gray, a mother-of-five, said: ‘We were absolutely heartbroken. ‘It came as a real shock because we’d taken her to the doctors seven times since she started limping and cancer wasn’t mentioned. ‘At first they thought it was because she is flat footed and then we were told it was in her imagination.”

Could a CREAM replace Viagra tablets – without the nasty side effects?: “Many men with erectile dysfunction currently face a difficult decision – they can either accept a less satisfying sex life or they can take Viagra and put up with the side effects. And these are the lucky ones – millions of men with sexual function problems do not even have the option of taking Viagra as it is not suitable for people with angina or those who have had a stroke or a heart attack. But, there could soon be another option for the millions of men with erectile problems. A U.S. biotechnology company is trialling a cream which could improve sexual function without causing side effects. Strategic Science and Technologies has completed the first phase of clinical trials of the cream, SST-6006, which has the same active ingredient as Viagra. The cream is applied directly to the man’s genitals where the drug passes through the skin and into the tissue, in a bid to improve sexual function.”

British supermarket is like old Russia: “A mother who wanted to buy four packets of steak for a family dinner was told she was only allowed buy three by a supermarket cashier. Nicola Hicks, 42, of Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, was astonished when the woman on the checkout at her local Morrisons in Hoddesdon held back one of the packets and called over her supervisor. The supervisor agreed that four packets was too many, and only allowed Mrs Hicks to buy three packets. ‘I said “Why on earth not – it’s not alcohol, it’s not medicine, it’s only steak”, but they just refused, saying there wouldn’t be enough left for anyone else. Mrs Hicks, who works in pharmaceuticals sales, argued her case with supermarket staff for quarter of an hour before realising she was not going to win. As she left, another customer offered to buy the steak for her surreptitiously. Mrs Hicks said: ‘That was the only way I could buy enough meat to feed my family – giving another customer some money and getting them to buy the steak for me.”

British dog owners warned of jail if their pets jump up in their own homes to greet visitors: “Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act that came into force last week mean owners will be liable if dogs are ‘dangerously out of control’ on any private property. Previously the law applied only to public places. And allowing a dog to injure a person is now punishable by up to five years in prison, up from a previous maximum of two years. The new rules – designed to protect postmen – mean every owner will need to reassess their dog’s behaviour, according to Clare Williams of the National Animal Welfare Trust. ‘The problem we now face is how the notion of an “out of control” dog is interpreted,’ said Miss Williams. ‘A friendly dog may bark and lunge at someone when they approach the front door. This might not be aggressive behaviour but it could be seen as threatening.’ The new Act states that a dog does not have to bite to be deemed dangerous – a person can simply feel that the dog may injure them. ‘Even a friendly dog may jump up”

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