But would the snake have recognized her?

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Odd news from around the world

Lawyer hit for money lost in scam: “A disabled pensioner who lost more than £700,000 in a telesales scam has won most of his money back. David Parker, 77, was ‘cajoled, bullied and, on occasions lied to’ in order to get him to part with his retirement savings as part of a ‘land banking’ scheme. But the land – small plots in Buckinghamshire, King’s Lynn in Norfolk and Slough in Berkshire – had ‘zero’ chance of being given planning permission, and turned out to be practically worthless. And even though the company running the scheme – part of umbrella group The Property Partnership – liquidated with debts of more than £5million, Mr Parker was still granted compensation from a solicitor whom the court ruled was in on the scheme. Saying that the solicitor – who had earned hefty fees from legal work for The Property Partnership (TPP) – was ‘party to a common design’ in the scheme, the judge ordered him to pay Mr Parker damages of £606,000.”

Bronze sculpture kept in gerbil cage turns out to be antique worth $135,000: “A family was left stunned after a sculpture they used to keep their pet gerbil company turned out to be a long lost work by world-famous sculptor Rodin. The bronze sculpture, which will go up for auction on Saturday, is expected to sell for well over $135,000 – after previously been told it was only worth a fraction of that price. Luckily the seller, Elizabeth Tillson, 55, of Maryland, got a second opinion of the bronze cast because a New York-based auction house had offered to sell the piece for only $1,500 to $2,500, as it had not been authenticated. It is believed to be one of several versions of the French sculptors Despair. Elizabeth Tillson grew up in Potomac, Maryland, and has had the artwork in her family since she was a child.

Family made a pig mistake!: “A mother today revealed her shock at how her ‘micro’ pig – who weighed just 7lbs when she bought him four years ago – has grown at such a rapid rate that he is now a whopping 21-stone beast. Donna Davidson, 46, of Leicester, bought Taz when he was tiny – but he kept on growing, to tip the scales at more than 300lbs and only just fitting in her small garden. Now, Leicester City Council has declared that Taz is officially classed as a farmyard animal – and after receiving complaints from neighbours, officials have told Miss Davidson that Taz has to go. She said: ‘When I bought him he only weighed 7lbs and was sold to me as a micro-deluxe. He was smaller than my Jack Russell. It’s clear now that’s not the case but I still love him. ‘In fact, the bigger the pig, the more there is to love. I’ll never give him up. I don’t look at him like an animal – he’s a part of the family. I treat him like he’s one of my children.’”

Photos of loved ones which World War One soldier kept in his wallet in his pocket saved his LIFE by stopping shrapnel entering his body: “A World War One soldier’s life was saved when prized photographs of his loved ones he kept in a wallet in his breast pocket blocked the path of a piece of shrapnel as it hurtled towards his body. Private William Taylor kept the eight pictures of his family in his pocket during the entire four years of the conflict. And in a remarkable quirk of fate he survived a battle which left three quarters of his regiment dead or injured thanks to the stack of photos which took the impact of a shell blast. The projectile pierced the outer layer of his leather wallet and perforated seven of the eight photos, stopping as it reached the last picture of his younger sister Lilly. Pte Taylor escaped the near-death experience with just a broken rib. He had spent the entire war on the frontline and survived the hell of the Somme, Passchendaele and Ypres before bringing the photographs, now bearing holes from the shrapnel, home with him.”

Jamaica Utility to Cut Power to Theft-Prone Towns: “The sole power distributor on Jamaica is slashing the number of hours that electricity is provided to entire communities where electricity theft is rampant, leaving political leaders fuming Tuesday. Senior utility official Gary Barrow said the company had “tried everything to reduce electricity theft” and was forced to cut hours that power is provided to neighborhoods where more than 70 percent of it is pilfered. Last year, the company removed nearly 200,000 illegal power lines, audited about 113,000 accounts and collaborated with police to arrest roughly 1,200 people suspected of energy theft. But high levels of theft continue, causing “extensive damage to the company’s equipment and ongoing power outages caused by illegal connections,” the utility said in a statement.”

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