Who’s the git on the trike?

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It’s Scottish comedian Billy Connolly




Odd news from around the world

Scientists reveal the most alluring words to entice a hot date online: “A study of 12,000 online dating profiles posted on eHarmony.co.uk found that women describing themselves as sweet, ambitious or thoughtful are more likely to attract male attention and receive admiring messages. Meanwhile, men who claim they are physically fit or describe themselves as perceptive, passionate or optimistic prove more irresistible to women. It might be a cliché, but scientists found that both men and women are attracted to people who describe themselves as funny and both sexes ranked the word sixth in the top 10 list. Physically fit or perceptive men attracted between 60 and 70 per cent more interest from women who wanted to get to know them better, while sweet, ambitious or funny women saw between 20 to 45 per cent more approaches, which could lead to a date. The study also revealed that women are more likely to consider a man based on his description rather than his picture alone.

The 5,600 square foot glass mega yacht inspired by skyscrapers and LEGO: “It features floor-to-ceiling windows, swimming pools, a staircase that doubles up as a stage and glass elevators. And designer Lujac Desautel’s megayacht, featuring 5,600 square feet of roaming space and twin hulls, is inspired by skyscrapers and Lego. ‘Each floor is entirely dedicated to maximizing the amount of living space for guests and crew on board,’ says Desautel. Like a skyscraper, glass is used to reflect the surrounding area (in this case, the ocean) and an elevator makes up its core, passing through the crew pantries, a wine cellar, sick berth, kitchen, and day heads. Desautel’s website describes the vessel as ‘the re-examination of the traditional yacht typology which is typically defined by its longitudinal linearity, creating much longer and sleek sculptural forms’ and ‘an homage to the skyscraper and a reflective canvas to the sea’.

A chance to fly in a very old bird: “You can win the chance to fly in a piece of history as KLM celebrates its 95th anniversary with a chance to fly in a restored WWII aircraft. The airline is giving away four pairs of tickets to fly in its iconic DC3 plane which was built in 1944 and was even in service with the 8th Air Force during the Second World War. After seeing action during World War Two, the plane was acquired by his Royal Highness Prince Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands and later became the first official aircraft of the Dutch government. After retirement in 1975 the aircraft became part of the collection of the Aviodrome museum. It was put back in service in 1998 and it has been flying ever since. In 2010 she received her current historic KLM colour scheme and was christened ‘Princes Amalia’, after Prince Bernhard’s great grandchild, the second in line of succession to the Dutch throne.” [It was a very common airliner for many years after the war but few are flying now]

Shipwreck off Haiti may be Santa Maria: “Divers may have found the wreckage of Christopher Columbus’ flagship off the northern coast of Haiti. If the remains turn out to be the Italian explorer’s Santa Maria, the location of which has remained a mystery since it sank more than five centuries ago, it will prove one of the most monumental archaeological discoveries from the seabed of all time.”

Greedy hedgehog refuses to return to the wild: “A huge hedgehog is causing her rescuers a prickly problem – by refusing to leave her favourite food and return to the wild. Edinburgh the hedgehog was put on a strict diet in July last year after tipping the scales at more than 5lbs – more than double the average weight of an fully-grown hedgehog. The rescued hog soon shed half her body weight through the healthkick at her temporary home in Fife. But now Edinburgh has got a little too comfortable with her diet of mealworms – and is refusing to return to the wild. Despite being released in time for spring, the hedgehog has so far stayed put at her charity boss Sandy Boyd’s garden in Wormit, Fife, preferring to stay and snack on mealworms. And now her weight has slowly crept back up to a hefty 3lbs – more than the 2lb average for an adult hog.”

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