“Too handsome” — World’s strangest hotel complaints

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In these days of movie megastars and overly precious pop stars, we have all heard stories of celebrity guests who make outrageous demands of the hotels they frequent.

But it seems that many members of the general public can be just as diva-like – and delusional – when it comes to what they expect of the places in which they stay.

The line-up includes far-from-happy customers appalled that their room did not come with a sea view, even though they were staying miles from the coast, a light sleeper angry that they had been kept awake by their own girlfriend’s snoring – and a peeved diner unamused to find that a vegetarian menu in a hotel restaurant did not include steak.

Other fantastical flashpoints included a guest upset that the bath in their suite was too big, and an animal lover who wanted a discount because his dog had not enjoyed its stay.

One guest wanted a glass of water to be delivered to their room – on the hour, every hour, throughout the night. Another insisted that they could not drop off into the land of nod without the sounds of the mountains – and could a range of goat bells be provided?

According to the research, a guest complained that the waiter serving them was too handsome – while another asked for chicken for their dinner, as long as they were served only right legs from available poultry

Other food-themed blasts from the barely believable included a customer who wanted a bowl of crocodile soup, and a weight-watcher who asked for 15 cucumbers per day.

Incredible en-suite-related wishes included baths filled with honey or chocolate milk.

And spare a thought for staff at the hotel where a guest demanded a further bathroom-linked change to the room: they wanted their toilet to be filled with mineral water.

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Odd news from around the world

Australian council worker shortchanged at the parking meter after finding a SNAKE hidden inside: “In most parts of the world it’s considered a low-risk job – but in Australia, it could kill. They are the people better known for making our blood boil when we find a parking ticket on our car, but delve inside the day-to-day life of a parking inspector and you’ll be amazed by what they find. While their revenue raising antics might get under our skin, one worker in Brisbane had his skin nearly bitten recently when out jumped a carpet snake from inside a parking meter. Inspectors who generally open the the meters to find coins are stumbling across other hidden objects and animals greeting them at the door. While Brisbane Council infrastructure chairman Adrian Schrinner admitted a carpet snake was one of the most bizarre finds inside the machine, inspectors had also found fish and possums after the 2011 floods.”

Serbian boy, 11, is child art prodigy and has been creating these intricate masterpieces since he was just two years old: “Looking at these amazingly detailed drawings, it would be easy to believe they were created by a master artist. In fact they were drawn by 11-year-old Dusan Krtolica from Serbia, who has been creating the pen and pencil drawings since he was just two. As well as a keen eye for detail, Dusan also has an intricate knowledge of animals. Dunsan has a keen eye for detail, along with an incredible memory for animals both living and extinct. He has memorised all the geological eras, from the Cryptic to the Cenozoic, and knows which animals roamed the Earth in each. He can reel off the names of all 65 species of primate from memory and, according to Oddity Central, memorised the most comprehensive encyclopedia of animals in just three weeks after his parents bought it for him. He has had three solo national exhibitions, two of which took place before he was eight.”

A real Angry Bird: “If you could visit the slice of paradise that is Mauritius whenever you wanted, you’d expect to be happy… but not this bird. The Common Noddy, pictured here on the island in the Indian Ocean looking uncannily like the mascot from the Angry Birds video game, was clearly not having a good day. Perhaps it was just fed up with being mistaken for the hugely popular app’s icon. But then again, being called a Common Noddy isn’t that great either. Let’s face it: it’s not quite up there with Golden Eagle.”

Pet cat saves boy from dog attack: “A young child is saved from a dog attack after their pet cat intervenes at a home in California. A California child pulled from his bike by an attacking dog was saved by his family’s cat on Tuesday, which quickly rushed in and attacked the dog, a video posted on YouTube showed on Wednesday. The video, which quickly spread on the Internet, shows a young boy playing on a driveway in Bakersfield, when a dog lunges at his leg, grabs hold of it with his jaws and drags the boy off of the bike. A dark cat swiftly hurls itself on to the dog and chases it down the driveway and away from the child before a woman runs to help the boy. Bakersfield police said the attacking dog, identified as an 8-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, had been surrendered by its owner’s family after the Tuesday afternoon attack and was in quarantine and would ultimately be euthanised.”

One that you would wish had got away: “Oklahoma angler Dave Harrell was hoping to catch some catfish in Eufaula Lake Monday – but instead he nabbed a prehistoric-looking turtle likely tipping the scales at 100lbs. Harrell released his massive catch, which turned out to be a rare alligator snapping turtle, but not before posing for a selfie. The snapshot showing a bare-chested Mr Harrell struggling to hold onto to the bulky reptile with its maw agape has been shared more than 10,000 times on ‎Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Facebook page. Harrell caught the alligator snapping turtle on a rod and reeled it in while his companion secured the mammoth beast and hauled it onto their boat for a photo-op. The turtle was then released into the water unharmed. Experts say that it is a common misconception that alligator snapping turtles are widespread in Oklahoma. The vulnerable species has been at the center of a reintroduction program in the state in recent years.”

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