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Odd news from around the world

Cocaine use in Britain so widespread it can be found in the DRINKING WATER: “Cocaine use in the UK is now so common that traces of the drug can be found in our drinking water, tests show. Inspections of tap water at four different sites found a metabolised form of the illegal drug, which showed it had already passed through the human body. The levels were so low that they posed no danger to health, but come as a startling indication of how widespread drug use has become. Well-publicised tests in the past have found traces of cocaine on nearly every banknote in circulation, in toilets in the House of Commons and at two thirds of Cambridge colleges. But being able to find traces of cocaine in tap water, even after stringent purification processes, demonstrates how common the drug has become. Benzoylecgonine, the form of cocaine that is generated once the drug has been processed by the body, was found in tests at four sites by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.”

Aspirin good for tomatoes too: “Growing tomatoes has given gardeners a headache for generations. But now it seems there is an effective cure for blight, wilt and all manner of pests and diseases – and it was lurking in the medicine cabinet all along. For aspirin, scientists say, is just the medicine to create a healthy tomato plant. Feeding it to your plants can help ward off diseases and boosts yields, they have found. Gardeners are advised either to spray their plants with a solution containing the drug, or to soak the seeds in an aspirin liquid before sowing. The drug is particularly effective at warding off blight, a devastating fungal disease that can wipe out an entire crop in days. The two forms of the disease – fusarium and verticillium – are particularly common after wet summer rain, and can strike swiftly with spores spreading on the wind. A recent study by the US Department of Agriculture, found that the use of an aspirin spray, which can be made at home, resulted in a 47 per cent reduction in blight.”

Brazilian students learn English through video chat with retired Americans: “While technology is often criticised for making society more solitary and less likely to engage with each other, it can also be used to bring us all closer together. Brazilian students looking to improve their English have participated in a language project enabling them to video chat with Americans living in retirement communities. Speaking Exchange, a heartwarming project developed by Brazilian language company CNA, connects the two communities through a free video chat programme. A Brazilian student is able to log into the app, select an elderly person who is online and begin a conversation via webcam. The initial conversation is guided through a suggestion of topics, before the pair are allowed to chat freely. Retirement communities are able to register elderly participants who’d like to be part of the scheme, and schedule a day and time for the conversations to begin.”

Even having your heart attack in a hospital won’t save you in Britain: “A 62-year-old grandfather died from heart failure while undergoing a routine knee operation after NHS doctors failed to act when he showed signs of cardiac distress, it emerged today. Robert Collett was assessed at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham and found to have an abnormal heart reading just a week before the procedure. But doctors went ahead with a total knee replacement even though he complained of chest pains in the anaesthetic room. And medics even refused to halt the operation when the father-of-three started showing signs of cardiac distress in the theatre. The grandfather-of-two suffered a cardiac arrest and died after being transferred to Birmingham City Hospital just hours after the operation on February 9, 2011.” [Great operation! Pity the patient died]

Skinniest house in Boston was built out of SPITE: “This is Boston’s skinniest house that was built by an enraged brother after he returned from war to find the land he’d inherited had been mostly taken by his brother. The slender house measures just 10.4ft at its widest point and tapers to a mere 9.25ft at its narrowest. Inside the home the narrowest interior point is just 6ft 2 inches and the ceilings are just 6 ft, 4 inches high. It has the uncontested distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston, Massachusetts, sitting at 44 Hull St in the North End area of the city. The first brother thought there was no room for his serving brother to build land on. But when he returned, he wanted to spite his brother for what he’d done. So the wooden house was erected with the main purpose of blocking out sunlight and spoiling his brother’s view of the nearby river.

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  1. enough of the cute kids with dogs photos, old unappreciated art/pottery worth a fortune and tedious boring people stories. this site used to have an edge. now, it’s for little old grannies. you’ve gone from wicked thoughts to wearisome thoughts.

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