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Odd news from around the world

Find it hard to place a face? It’s all in the genes: “New research shows the ability to recognise faces can be inherited, with 60 per cent of the trait down to genes. People who are good at recognising faces also have better social intelligence, according to tests involving 1,000 pairs of twins run by researchers at Kings College London. But it appears that being good at recognising objects such as cars does not make you able to get on with people. Experts have differed over whether recognising faces is innate to humans and evolved as a survival mechanism, or a skill that relates to the ability to remember objects as well. The latest study suggests the ability to recognise faces is a distinct human skill, separate from a general ability to recognise objects, and can be inherited. Researchers Kerry Schofield and Nicholas Shakeshaft from King’s College London carried out psychological tests involving 1,000 pairs of twins born between 1994 and 1996, who are part of a major ongoing project.”

The last chance to fly in a WWII heavy bomber — right across the Atlantic, from Ontario via Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland to England: “For aviation buffs, it’s the trip of a lifetime. A warplane heritage museum is auctioning off the opportunity to fly in a famous Second World War bomber on eBay. The winner of the trip – in one of the only two remaining airworthy Lancasters left in the world – will have to fork out £25,000 for the unique journey, travelling from Canada to England over four days. The 18-hour trip – the last time the Lancaster Mk X will make the flight – will take place in August, according to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, which is selling the unique opportunity. The cash to join the crew of seven others will be put towards the £380,000 cost of the trip in what is considered to be the most famous Allied bomber of the Second World War. The Avro Lancaster Mk X – dedicated to Andrew Mynarski, the last Canadian airman to be awarded the VC in World War II – will be involved in a month-long flying tour of the UK.”

Illicit flowerbed!: “All they wanted to do was make their lawn look pretty. Fed up with motorists parking on the verge, this couple planted a colourful flowerbed to keep them away. For the past 15 years, they have nurtured daffodils, pansies and hydrangeas, which were admired by all their neighbours. But the local council has suddenly decided that the well-kept flowerbed is a criminal offence under the Highways Act. And it has threatened Colin Halsey, 77, and his wife, Kath, 76, with court action unless they dig it up. ‘This situation really upsets us – especially as we have nurtured that flowerbed for the best part of 15 years,’ Mr Halsey said. ‘We spent a lot of money to make the area look nice and now some council jobsworth wants us to get it back to how it was. ‘The front garden used to look terrible with cars churning up the soil. ‘All we wanted to do was to stop that for the good of the neighbourhood. All our neighbours liked the flowerbed.”

Game of Thrones has real life sequel: “A three-year-old girl who went missing while out playing in Russia has been rescued by a curious Game of Thrones fan. The TV series makes uses crows and ravens as a signal that an important event is about to take place. So when fan Cairo Nurmagambetov saw birds circling over a field in the southern city of Omsk, he knew he had to investigate. The flock of birds led him to Alexandra Spirkina, who went missing two days earlier. Despite the fact that 400 police officers, including 15 dog handlers, and 200 volunteers participated in the hunt none of them got close to finding her. A police officer said: ‘We had state of the art thermal imaging equipment but it was the crows that won the day. ‘The person that found her said that in the show Game Of Thrones there was always something significant happening when the crows gathered. Thank goodness he decided to check it out.’ The girl had vanished on May Day after playing outside her home in the early evening.”

The frog that looks like Kermit: “The neon amphibian – called Kermit, naturally – shoots a wide beamed grin as its bulbous eyes stare into the camera. The pose makes him a dead ringer for his famous namesake. Owner Kutub Uddin snapped the perfectly timed picture in his terrarium and he thinks the frogs toothless grin makes him look like an old woman. The 28-year-old chef from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, keeps two frogs at home and checks whether they have enough food and water when he gets home from work. Kutub said: ‘On that day I found Kermit opening and closing his mouth every few seconds – something I’d never seen him do before. ‘I didn’t want to miss it so I grabbed my camera and as I clicked he kept making those brilliant faces. ‘In one of them he looks surprised and in another it looks like he’s laughing at the camera.’

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