A mighty tree

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Not every tree has a nickname, but ‘The President’ has earned it. This giant sequoia (of California Sequoia Natl. Park) stands at 247 feet tall, and is estimated to be over 3,200 years old. Because of its unbelievable size, this tree has never been photographed in its entirety. Until now. A team of National Geographic photographers have worked along with scientists to try and create the first photo that shows the president in all its glory. They had to climb the tree with pulleys and levers, and took thousands of photos. Of those, they selected 126 and stitched them together, to get this incredible portrait of The President.




Odd news from around the world

Scaling Mount Everest exposes climbers to five times more radiation than a NUCLEAR POWER WORKER experiences in a year (which isn’t much): “Climbers face an array of risks when scaling Mount Everest – from freezing temperatures to altitude sickness – and now a scientist has found one that could leave more lasting effects. Scottish radiation expert Bob Kerr climbed the Nepalese mountain and, with help from his guide, recorded exposure levels at its summit using a Geiger counter. The 36-year-old found that the high-altitudes expose climbers to an extra 1milliSievert (mSv) of radiation, which is five times more than the average annual exposure in a nuclear power plant. The radiation comes from cosmic rays from space”. Kerr told the Society for Radiological Protection that no-one has ever died as a result of the radiation. The chances of developing fatal cancer as a result of the exposure are also low, at one in 10,000.”

Swords in eyeballs, pierced cheeks and skewered backs: no health and safety precautions as Indian Muslims show their devotion to local saint: “Sufi Muslims in rainy Ahmedabad, India, today began a procession in in memory of Sufi saint Hazrat Pir Mehmood Shah Bukhari. The march marks the first day of the annual Urs (the death anniversary of a Sufi saint) of the saint and ends on May 9 in Bhadiyad 75 miles away where the shrine of Hazrat Pir Mehmood Shah Bukhari is located. Sufism is a branch of Islam that traces many of its principles from the prophet Muhammad through his cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib. Sufis consider themselves as the original true proponents of this pure original form of Islam. Unlike other branches of Islam Sufis have devotion to particular saints, a concept other strands of Islam do not really recognise. Sufis practise mortification of the flesh as way of showing their devotion to their saints such as can be seen here: swords in eyeballs, pierced cheeks and skewers in their backs.”

Green mussels ‘can relieve the pain of arthritis’: Extract from the variety can ease pain and stiffness by a third: “Arthritis sufferers had pain and stiffness relieved by more than 30 per cent [the same as placebo] using an extract from green lipped mussels, say researchers. The joint healing properties of green lipped mussels were first noticed more than 100 years ago by Maoris in New Zealand, where they are sustainably harvested. The capsules also contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the fluid lubricating joints in the body and is also used by doctors to tackle joint pain. In the latest US study, 53 people with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee or hip were recruited by community physicians working in Reading, Lancaster, New York City and Dallas. The patients asked to take Regenovex, a food supplement, for three months, and their symptoms were recorded at the start, monthly and two weeks after the trial was completed. Their pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving was reported using a well-established scale known as the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index. The total scores improved by more than 30 per cent during the trial”

A reformed man: “A Missouri judge ordered the state on Monday to set free a man who was convicted of robbery in 2000 but never sent to prison until a clerical mistake was discovered last year. Cornealious ‘Mike’ Anderson was 23 when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his role in the robbery of a fast-food restaurant’s assistant manager. He told The Associated Press last month that he waited, and even asked about going to prison, but the order never came. In the years since his conviction, Anderson started his own construction-related businesses, married and had children. He also coached youth football and volunteered at his church in Webster Groves, Missouri. Judge Terry Lynn Brown lauded Anderson’s ‘exemplary’ behavior during his 13 years of freedom before the arrest. “You’ve been a good father. You’ve been a good husband. You’ve been a good taxpaying citizen of the state of Missouri. ‘That leads me to believe that you are a good man and a changed man.’ The judge said rather than Anderson being granted parole, he would get credit for the 4,794 days between when he was convicted and when he was arrested last year.”

Australian mother finds 10′ python under daughter’s bed: “Many kids are scared of monsters under the bed, but four-year-old Autumn Maynard was thrilled to find her bedroom’s monster on Sunday: a 3m python. When a snake handler came to remove the giant coastal carpet python from the home in Modanville, northern NSW, Autumn ran to open her door with glee. She was completely unflustered by the event, later napping in the bed the python had been hiding under. Not so enthusiastic was her mother, Teresa Maynard, who had discovered the snake as she was putting away laundry on Sunday morning. “I did pretty well not to scream, but I was in shock, I was breathless,” Mrs Maynard said. “I don’t have a problem with snakes, I just don’t want them curled up in the room of my baby. And there was no need for Mrs Maynard to worry about her daughter, says Mrs Ruytenberg. “The python found in the bedroom would not have been after the child – it would have just been looking for a tasty rodent to eat.”

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