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Odd news from around the world

Oldster furious after being barred from seeing prostitute: “An 88-year-old veteran left furious after a known prostitute was banned from his sheltered accommodation punched the council worker who stopped her visits, a court has heard. Former soldier Allan Thipthorpe was livid after officials secured an ASBO stopping Terri-Lee Pearce, 31, from visiting his room and says they are just ‘jealous’. Swindon Borough Council says the ban was imposed for his own safety after they claimed he spent £5,000 of his savings paying her. But Mr Thipthorpe, who insists she is also his ‘carer’, has been charged with assault after being caught on CCTV punching council solicitor Francis Maples. He said: ‘This is just a load of nastiness – the council don’t want you to enjoy yourself. I can do what I like, it’s my money. ‘It’s jealousy. She’s young and she’s got nice legs. ‘I’ve not got long to go, have I? I’m still attracted to ladies. ‘I got that young girl to try to do me a job as, you know, my carer. I think I’m entitled to that.'”

Bungling military officials erected a 10ft fence around a US Air Force memorial in case it ‘offended Libyan soldiers’: “The ‘Memphis Belle’ monument was erected at RAF Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, to honour the USAF’s Eighth Air Force – who were based there during the Second World War. Memphis Bell was the nickname given to the Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress bombers flown by the 91st Bomb Group (Heavy) – which suffered huge losses of men between 1942 and 1945. But the structure was fenced off when it was announced that 2,000 Libyan soldiers were to be trained at the base. After an uproar from enthusiasts and locals alike, officials have now removed the 10ft fence. The commander responsible for erecting it will be investigated in a Ministry of Defence probe. A ministry source said the official was ‘some bloke with a clipboard’ who oversaw an extraordinary ‘error of judgement’. No official comment has been made as to why the fence was put around the monument but the source said: ‘I expect the rationale was it might offend the Libyans.'”

Pregnant woman, 24, ‘stabbed boyfriend to death because he didn’t buy her anything on shopping trip’: “A pregnant woman is accused of stabbing and killing her boyfriend for not buying her gifts during a trip to a shopping mall. Miata Phelan, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder for the April 30 death of her boyfriend, 28-year-old Larry Martin, according to a report by The Chicago Tribune. Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil set bail at $1 million. Phelan stood over a stabbed Martin and yelled ‘This is what you get for messing with me. I hope you die, m***********’ as Martin’s 8-year-old son Lavelle watched, Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Runk reportedly said. Prior to the stabbing, Phelan, Martin, Lavelle and Martin’s 25-year-old cousin went to a shopping mall, Runk said. She reportedly accused Martin of being ‘selfish’ for buying items for his cousin and son but not her.”

Florida shrimp fishermen accidentally net the second ever ‘prehistoric’ goblin shark that’s 18-FEET-LONG: “Shrimpers fishing in the Gulf of Mexico accidentally netted a prehistoric looking goblin shark that is the rarest of all sharks ever to be seen by human eyes. The goblin shark nabbed off Key West, Florida which was 18-feet-long, pink, and has a long snout to conceal it pointy teeth from prey is the second ever of its kind to be seen in the Gulf. The crew of fisherman who made the latest catch had a net 2,000 feet under water and were shocked to find a massive pink shark among the shrimp they catch on a daily basis. The prehistoric looking creature sometimes called the ‘living fossil’ thrashed on the deck and had teeth so sharp that the fishermen were too afraid to pull out the tape measure and hold it up to the mysterious creature. However, scientists do know that deep underwater the color red appears black making the shark appear almost invisible to predators and prey.”

University tears down signs warning against cheating… after realising they featured ANSWERS to a maths exam: “A university has torn down anti-cheating posters from its exam hall after realising they had answers to a maths exam written on them. Officials at Plymouth University installed the signs ahead of the summer exams season – but failed to realise that a stock image of a hand covered in scribbles contained genuine formulae. Students have since claimed that spotting the notes gave them a boost in a final-year maths exam – with one estimating that he will now score 10 per cent higher than he would have without the help. The formulae cover areas including probability, trigonometry and probability. It includes a version of the complicated De Moivre’s theorem. The information could be a primer for a variety of degree-level maths and science exams. Plymouth offers courses in statistics, and engineering as well as six variants of its mathematics degree.”

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