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Odd news from around the world

Researchers believe they have uncovered the mystery of the how the 1918 flu epidemic which killed 50 million people was so devastating: “They say exposure to an earlier, less dangerous strain among children caused the 1918 strain to spread so quickly. The deadly flu virus attacked more than one-third of the world’s population, and within months had killed more than 50 million people – three times as many as the World War I – and did it more quickly than any other illness in recorded history. The researchers discovered that the pandemic virus arose shortly before 1918, when a human H1 virus, which they infer had already been circulating in the human population since about 1900, picked up genetic material from a bird flu virus. The Human influenza A virus usually sees higher mortality rates for infants and the elderly, but the pandemic virus caused extensive deaths in people ages 20 to 40, primarily from secondary bacterial infections, especially pneumonia.”

Is this the dirtiest man in Europe?: “This homeless man has been labelled Europe’s dirtiest person – because he sleeps buried in a pile of hot ash. Ludvik Dolezal, 58, burns whatever he finds to create his ‘bed’ before crawling into it to sleep. He has even burnt his mattress and duvet in order to achieve the perfect mound of fiery remains. Mr Dolezal, who passers-by often refer to as a devil from fairytales, said: ‘A year ago I simply decided to quit my job. Since then I’ve staying here with the fire. ‘Every night I lay down with hot ash in my clothes and cover myself to keep warm. I look like hell then. ‘I had everything – jacket, boots, mattresses and even a duvet. But I burnt everything because there was nothing else to keep the fire going. ‘People help me, they bring some old tyres here for example and I burn them.

Black carjacker caught CLINGING to New York taxi as driver sped at 60mph down expressway: “A Bronx man was arrested after a motorist captured him hanging off the side of a speeding cab he tried to carjack early Monday morning. Matthew McCorkle, 27, hung on for dear life as the cab careened up the Bruckner Expressway as fast as 70 mph just after 2.00 a.m. Monday, witness Vlane Carter told MailOnline. McCorkle banged on the cab’s window while hanging on for dear life until jumping off and trying to steal another car, he was arrested a short time later, police sources said. The man’s terrifying ride through the Bronx almost cost him his life. ‘The man’s feet was dragging on the ground and he almost fell twice,’ said Carter. ‘The man would have been dead if he fell at that speed, especially after being run over by other cars.’ Driver Mohammed Millogo told WCBS the would-be carjacker frightened him. ‘This guy tried to get in my car. If he got in my car or he’s going to try to – I don’t know what he can have,’ said the driver. ‘He can have a weapon. He can have a knife. Anything can happen to me – my safety first.”

Flock of geese fly alongside their owner’s ultralight plane: “He may not have feathers or a beak, but that hasn’t stopped this brood of geese from believing microlight pilot Christian Moullec is their mother. After he hand-reared them from birth they are convinced he is their parent and follow him everywhere – including into the sky when he takes off in his plane. Like geese flying with their mother, they follow Mr Moullec, flying alongside him in a perfect V formation from take off to landing. It is a spectacular sight to behold and has led to him being dubbed the Birdman. But conservationist Mr Moullec, who developed the technique to enable him to film the birds in flight, says it is all down the birds. He says he thanks them after every flight for the amazing gift they have given him in enabling him to watch them in flight at such close quarters. The 52-year-old Frenchman has been flying with his birds for more than 15 years.”

Advertisement for anti-immigration party appears next to ‘No Poles Required’ billboard: “A Ukip campaign poster has appeared on a billboard beside an ad for inflatable tents that bears the slogan, “NO POLES REQUIRED!”. The advertisement is for a range of camping equipment stocked by the retailer Go Outdoors. Steve Cardownie, an SNP councillor for the area, said that given Ukip’s stance on immigration the juxtaposition was insensitive, adding: “People might think it’s funny, but it’s the kind of message Ukip are trying to get over. A spokesman for Nigel Farage’s party said there was no intent, adding: “I do not believe people are getting upset. “I think people will look at it with a wry smile. The posters are two completely different things juxtaposed in a wry way by accident.” [Immigration from Poland has been something of an issue in Britain]

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