Eloquent child sends a note to the captain of a plane she is on

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Odd news from around the world

Three-year-old ‘dreamt of heaven’ as surgeons fought to save him after his appendix burst: “When three-year-old Colton Burpo was rushed to hospital with a burst appendix, doctors didn’t think he could survive the surgery needed to save him. However, not only did the little boy from Imperial, Nebraska, make an astonishingly speedy recovery, he claimed that while surgeons were fighting to keep him alive, he visited heaven, sat on Jesus’s lap and patted his rainbow-striped horse. Colton’s father Todd, a part-time fireman and Baptist preacher played by Oscar-nominee Greg Kinnear in the film, and mother, Sonja – played by English actress Kelly Reilly – at first didn’t believe their son but found themselves being won over as he recounted more details of his experience, The Mirror reports. The boy, who is now 14, told of how he rose out of his body on the surgical table and saw his father cursing God and his mother weeping – which is what they claim they were doing at the time.”

Giant Cauli: “When it comes to vegetables, Peter Glazebrook likes to think big. So the man who has already grown the world’s heaviest onion and potato has now added this colossal cauliflower to his record-breaking collection. At 60lb and a whopping 6ft wide, it would make enough cauliflower cheese to feed a family for weeks. Which is what Mr Glazebrook and his wife Mary had in mind yesterday as they hacked away at it so it could be frozen for meals. The cauliflower, which is the Darwin variety, has beaten the previous record by 6lb and is 20 times heavier than the ones we buy in the supermarkets. After planting the vegetable last July, Mr Glazebrook, 69, nurtured it in his greenhouse and fed it calcium nitrate, which aids cell growth and strengthens the plant. He then switched to a high potash feed once the weather heated up in March.”

Batty Brighton: “In 2011, the Greens ousted the Conservatives to become the largest group on the council with 23 seats. The Green honeymoon was short-lived. Take the surreal story of an elderly elm tree. First the Greens voted to upgrade a roundabout in the city called Seven Dials, but then found that there were protests to protect the 170-year-old tree beside the site. Eco-warriors camped out in the branches and pinned poems to the trunk. The national media showed an interest. So the Greens switched sides, joined the campaign to spare the 60ft elm from the chop and then spent a small fortune altering their own traffic scheme. Then there was its manifesto pledge for ‘Meat-free Mondays’, which would have banned bacon rolls and beef pies from council-run staff canteens. It led to complaints from manual workers and the proposal was ditched. Residents were similarly surprised at Green plans to introduce livestock to one of the main routes into the city as part of a ‘speed reduction package’. The scheme was deferred after protests.”

Worker wades through broken glass to save Lucky the cat who was tied up with elastic bands and dumped in bottle bank: “A supermarket worker waded through broken glass to save a pedigree cat which was tied up with elastic bands and dumped in a bottle bank. The Russian Blue, nicknamed Lucky following her ordeal, was thrown in the bin with its legs bound with elastic bands and a plastic bag tied around its head. The mother-of-two, 46, told the Sunday Express: ‘It looked like it had died but moved as it heard my voice. The alarm was raised by a shopper who informed members of staff at the supermarket. An investigation has now been launched by the RSPCA which described the incident as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty it had dealt with recently. It is believed the cat was snatched from off a street before it was dumped in the bottle bank. The cat luckily did not suffocate because there was a rip in the plastic bag.”

Dumb U.S. immigration officials: “A young French mother who was flying to New York via Switzerland for a holiday with her husband and two children was told she not allowed entry to the United States, seemingly because her name sounds suspiciously like Al Qaeda. Aida Alic arrived with her family at Geneva airport on Wednesday preparing to board a connection to JFK. However she was told by Swiss Airlines officials that her access to the country had been denied. Forced to cancel their trip and return to their house near Chambery in the French Alps, it wasn’t until the 33-year-old got home and started googling for answers that she realized her name appears surname first on her passport and reads ‘Alic Aida’. Ms Alic feels there is no other explanation for being turned away by customs. ‘When friends make the play on words to wind me up, I am used to it, but not this. ‘Especially as my name is pronounced Alitch. ‘It is of Yugoslav origin.”

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