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Odd news from around the world

World’s first allergy-free airline to offer speciality menu and even avoid air fresheners that could irritate your nose: “Sensitive travellers will be able to travel in comfort from May as the first allergy-free planes take to the skies. Swiss Airlines is behind the unusual plan, changing fabrics, ditching air fresheners and serving up speciality food to make it the world’s first allergy-free carrier. Those with special dietary needs will be able to tuck into lactose and gluten-free meals as standard, followed by lactose-free coffee and even the iconic Swiss chococlate bar will be developed. Special snacks, from yoghurts to sweets and snacks, will also be on offer for passengers with a host of other intolerances. There will also be changes to the cabins, with synthetic pillows offered to first and business class passengers instead of the current down-filled option and a strict no flowers policy – plants are currently used to decorate the cabin. Air fresheners that could cause on -board nose and throat irritations will be ditched and even the hand wash in the toilets will be specially chosen to be gentle to skin.

Big chin was a dead giveaway: “A robber who stole £650 from a betting shop was caught by police – after they recognised his giant chin on CCTV. Ricky Loft, from Greenhithe, Kent, stormed into a William Hill bookies armed with an ‘imitation gun’, which was wrapped in a black bin liner. The 32-year-old thug pointed the weapon at staff and ordered a worker to fill a bag with cash. Loft, who was wearing a hood covering the top half of his face, then escaped from the shop on Whitstable high street. Staff from the betting shop reported the raid, which took place on November 21 last year, but could only describe the bottom half of the robber’s face. But the breakthrough came when police examined CCTV footage from the betting shop – and spotted the raider had a ‘prominent chin’. A mugshot of Loft, who was known to police before that incident, was already on police file. When police compared the mugshot to the CCTV stills, they noticed both men had a jutting chin – and that it must be the same man. Loft was arrested at his home six days after the raid.”

Horse-drawn carriages are “cruel”? Sarko disagrees: “Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has come out along with actor Liam Neeson to support keeping New York City’s famous horse-drawn carriages as Mayor Bill De Blasio seeks to ban the industry. Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni took their young daughter Giulia in one of the carriages for a ride through Central Park on Wednesday. When asked if he thinks the carriages should stay, Sarkozy offered up an enthusiastic ‘yes’, the New York Daily News reports. The Sarkozys are in town to support singer-songwriter Bruni who is set to perform at The Town Hall Thursday night. They were joined by more than 900 horse-lovers at the park yesterday where the Daily News was handing out ‘Save Our Horses’ buttons.

Italian man, 70, hires escort and finds it was son’s girlfriend: “AN elderly man decided to hire an escort. The man, from the city of Treviso, in Italy’s north, thought it would best be discreet and hired the escort from the neighbouring city of Vicenza. When they met, he could not believe his eyes when the realised the escort was his future daughter-in-law, The Local reported, citing Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino. His 40-year-old son’s girlfriend, who is from South America, had told the family that she was a waitress. When they met, they decided not to seal the arrangement for the night. But the man, 70, decided honesty was the best policy, and told his son what had happened. The news did not go down well and the father and son fought. The incident, which happened four years ago, only became public knowledge this month when the son sued his father for injuries sustained in the fight. The hearing was postponed, however, after the judge failed to broker peace.

Spy lamp that can secretly listen in on conversations and LIVE TWEET everything you say: “You might want to think twice about leaning against a lamp post the next time you have a private conversation. That innocuous-looking light fixture could be capable of listening to what you say. Not only that, but it may also be live tweeting every single sentence. The Conversnitch lamp can covertly listen in on conversations and then post them on Twitter. The system only took a few hours to put together and cost less than £60 ($100) to make using off-the-shelf equipment. This included a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, a microphone, an LED and a plastic flower pot. The device screws into a standard bulb socket from where it also draws power. The system can upload any secretly captured audio via the nearest open Wi-Fi network, and sends it to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform. Turk users are then paid a small fee to transcribe the audio and post lines of conversation to Conversnitch’s Twitter account.”

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