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Odd news from around the world

Lie detection expert reveals the top ten signs which indicate someone is lying to you: “Sloan is trained in micro face detection; micro expressions are facial expressions that flash onto a person’s face for just a fraction of a second and reveal true emotions. Sloan explains: ‘Typically if your boyfriend is lying his micro-expression will be an emotion of distress, characterised by the eyebrows being drawn upwards towards the middle of the forehead, causing short, deep set lines to appear across the skin of the forehead. When present, the following can also signal deceit; false smiles, holding the smile for too long, mistakes in the timing of expressions, blushing and asymmetry. ‘The main principle is that there is not a face for lying. There are faces that show the subject is uncomfortable, stressed, guilty or doesn’t believe his own story. Symmetry plays and important part, the more symmetrical a gesture the more genuine. ‘The eyes can also be very telling as an increased blink rate is often consistent with telling lies.”

Street lights that make you ill: “Hounslow council had installed LED lamp-heads on the street lights along their quiet residential road. The gentle, golden glow of the old lamps has been replaced by a harsh beam which, they say, makes it impossible for them to sleep. But why are the objections so strong? If the lights can, as Hounslow council promises, be dimmed if necessary — and if they use less energy, save money and reduce crime — what is so wrong with the new system? Rather a lot, it turns out. Because, it seems that in their rush to embrace the new ‘green’ technology, Britain’s councils have ignored several serious health issues. Studies have indicated that LED lights disrupt sleep by suppressing the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone which governs our sleep patterns. Too much ‘blue light’ suppresses our biological clock, resulting in lower-quality sleep. This in turn increases the likelihood of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It damages the immune system and leaves sufferers vulnerable to depression and anxiety. It has even been suggested that too much exposure to LED light causes blindness.”

Old fashioned apples making a comeback: “There might not be many traditional English apples to be found in your supermarket any more – but you’ll certainly find them cropping up in gardens. Record sales of ‘heritage’ fruit trees have been reported this year – with one of the country’s finest apples, Cox’s Orange Pippin, the most popular. The figures suggest there is still a great appetite for fruit varieties native to Britain, despite claims that supermarkets tend to rely on more consistent varieties from abroad. The latest sales figures from Homebase have revealed a 30 per cent increase in sales of fruit trees this year. According to the retailer, the number one choice was Cox’s Orange Pippin – widely regarded as the finest eating apple in the world. Worcester Pearmain – a small, classic English apple renowned for its strawberry-like flavour – came in second place. It was closely followed in third by Laxton’s Superb, the definitive late-Victorian dessert apple.

Fingerprints may be a flawed way of identifying criminals as they aren’t as unique as first thought: “Human fingerprints may not be unique, according to the Home Office’s first Forensic Science Regulator. This cornerstone of criminal investigation and identification may be flawed, as Mike Silverman claims that human error, partial prints and false positives mean that fingerprints evidence is not as reliable as is widely believed. Mr Silverman, who introduced the first automated fingerprint detection system to the Metropolitan Police, said: ‘No two fingerprints are ever exactly alike in every detail; even two impressions recorded immediately after each other from the same finger. ‘And the fingerprint often isn’t perfect, particularly at a crime scene. It might be dirty or smudged. There are all sorts of things that reduce the accuracy. ‘And not everyone’s fingerprints have been recorded so it’s impossible to prove that no two are the same.”

Stuck dog: “A golden retriever had to be rescued by firemen after getting her head stuck in a hole in a garden wall. Nine-year-old Sunny became wedged in the gap as she tried to greet a neighbour’s new puppy on the other side. Her owner Shelley Jones, 22, found her in the garden of her home in Gelding, Nottinghamshire, with her head through the block at around 11am on Sunday. Sunny was so firmly stuck in the six inch gap that even with Miss Jones, her brother Ivan Bishop, 28, and neighbour Gemma Beck, 30, pushing they were unable to free her. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service then attended the scene where they spent 20 minutes freeing the stricken pooch by cutting her free. ‘It took about 20 minutes in total and the wall had to be completely taken down. There is just a board up at the moment.”

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