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Odd news from around the world

Italian senior, 75, accused in court of being ‘sex mad’ by his wife… 50 years younger than him: “An Italian pensioner aged 75 has been accused of being ‘sex mad’ – by his wife who is 50 years younger than him. Elderly Efisio Manfrin appeared in court in Naples accused by his spouse of being a ‘maniac that wanted sex all the time’. And she told the court that the constant pressure to get into bed was driving her mad. The two of them ended up before judges because police were called to a fight at the family home, and both accused the other of assault. Wife Iglesia Guerero, 25, and originally from Cuba, said the fight was about his ‘non-stop demands for nookie’. But her husband hit back in the court row claiming the fight was over money. He told court: ‘The fight started because I realised she cared more about money than sex and affection.”

The death of soup spoons: “It is the kind of faux pas that not so long ago would have been unthinkable. But it seems today’s families are more likely to eat their soup with – shock, horror – a dessert spoon. In what etiquette aficionados will fear is the death knell for table manners, sales of soup spoons have slumped in favour of the ‘jack-of-all trades’ dessert spoon. And 70 per cent of all cutlery sets sold do not contain a soup spoon either, according to Homebase. Analysts believe the trend may be down to simple cost-saving rather than a loss of etiquette, but as it is a buying pattern prominent in young people, the soup spoon could well be on its way out. Emma Jordan at Homebase said: ‘Many young couples are buying just the bare essentials. Soup spoons are seen as a luxury which they can do without for the time being.’

Rat steals dentures; dog kills rat: “A grandmother who lost her false teeth finally discovered them hidden behind her fridge- after a rodent stole them from her kitchen. Margaret Lowe, 77, put the teeth in a glass of water before going to bed. But the next morning Mrs Lowe was stunned when she could not find the plastic dentures. When her son came to visit, he heard a strange scratching noise from behind the fridge. When Stephen Lowe, 53 pulled out the fridge, at his mother’s house in Grove Park, south east London, he found her dentures hidden. The dirty dentures were buried alongside a knife, tea bags and dog biscuits – and dozens of rat droppings. Mrs Lowe was astounded when she discovered that a rodent was behind the theft. But pet dog Denis, quickly came to the rescue when it killed the rat as it ran across the kitchen floor.

Little lady with a big capacity: “Easter is the favourite time of year for this petite blonde who loves eating Cadbury Creme eggs so much that she can devour 50 in just six minutes and 15 seconds. Miki Sudo, 28, from Las Vegas Nevada, who weighs just eight stone, consumed a staggering 8,100 calories in one sitting by eating the Creme Eggs – the same as four days’ worth of food for a normal woman. Miss Sudo can eat grown men under the table and is ranked as one of the best female competitive eaters in the world-raking in £15,000 by stuffing her face. The blonde American spends her days travelling the world taking part in monstrous food challenges and competitions.

After half a century of golfing, widow, 85, hits her first hole in one: “In failing health and reliant on a buggy to get around the course, pensioner Doreen Banks thought her best golfing moments were behind her. But more than five decades after taking up the game, the jubilant widow is celebrating her first hole-in-one – at the grand old age of 85. The achievement makes Mrs Banks one of the oldest golfers in the country to score a hole-in-one – and the octogenarian triumphed despite the fact she is slowly going blind. Mrs Banks managed the feat on a 110-yard par three hole at Oxley Park Golf Club in Wolverhampton earlier this month. She aced the course’s tricky sixth hole using a five wood, watched by playing partner Pat Rogers, 71. Mrs Banks said she originally thought she had lost the ball until her friend found it in the hole. She added: ‘Fellow golfers will laugh, but I actually used my five wood because I don’t hit the ball very far these days. ‘But it does go straight so I just gripped down the club shaft and hit it more in hope than judgement.”

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