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Odd news from around the world

A really dedicated smoker: “An elderly woman who insisted on smoking while wearing an oxygen mask died after her face was engulfed in flames. Margaret Woodward, 77, suffered severe burns to her face, lips, tongue and neck after the accident on November 20 last year at her home in Reeth, near Richmond, North Yorkshire. An inquest into her death at the Evolution Centre in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, heard how the pensioner used an oxygen tank to help her breathe as she suffered from chronic obstructive respiratory disease. But Mrs Woodward, who was a long-term smoker, had been known to continue to smoke while using the mask. Although highly concentrated oxygen is commonly used to treat diseases that impair the body’s ability to take up oxygen, when it is exposed to a spark it can cause an explosion or fire.”

‘It seems an odd thing to leave behind’: “When the boss of a bedding business hired a van he didn’t realise it came with onboard help. Steve Potter, 40, says he was in ‘utter disbelief’ after finding a 5ft snake in the vehicle outside his office. It is thought that the North American red corn snake, which is not venomous despite its vivid markings, belonged to someone who had hired the van to move house. ‘It seems an odd thing to forget,’ said Mr Potter, 40, from Worsley in Greater Manchester. ‘You can leave a suitcase or some old bedding behind, but not a snake.’ He had a hard time convincing colleagues of his find until workmate Rachel Bettison had a look. ‘Most of the people in the building were alerted by her scream,’ said Mr Potter. He returned the vehicle to Bury Van Hire, who called a reptile expert to catch the snake and are now trying to trace the owner.

Judge rules that Texas inmate still behind bars 34 years after his conviction was overturned is at fault because he NEVER asked for a new trial: “A Texas judge has ruled that an inmate with the critical thinking ability of a first-grader is responsible for spending the last 34 years incarcerated on an overturned murder conviction because he never asked for a new trial. Jerry Hartfield, 56, has been behind bars without a new trial since 1980. But in a recent ruling, Judge Craig Estlinbaum decided that his constitutional right to a speedy trial had not been violated. While Estlinbaum found the state negligent in failing to retry Hartfield, and agreed that the man’s ability to adequately defend himself had sharply diminished, he also found that it was essentially Hartfield’s own fault. The Bay City native was convicted of robbing and killing a bus station worker in 1976, the Daily News reported. Hartfield’s IQ has been estimated at around 51. He has long maintained his innocence, claiming police used a false confession in the case. He was initially sentenced to die but in 1980 the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the conviction

Shopping mall in Sheffield launches fast lane for speedy shoppers: “A shopping centre has installed a new ‘overtaking lane’ for speedy shoppers after receiving a letter from a schoolgirl grumbling about ‘slow walkers’. Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield received the note from Chloe Nash-Lowe, 10, moaning about her biggest bug-bear and as a result they have installed a fast lane for those in a hurry. The schoolgirl wrote to the shopping complex as part of a school project asking if anything could be done to solve the problem, listing a whole host of reasons why sluggish shoppers should be sped up. However, Chloe had no idea that they would enforce a traffic flow system to tackle the problem, and was thrilled to hear they are putting her plan into action. ‘With an overtaking lane, people can walk slowly if they want to but if you want to walk faster you can. Everyone can walk at whatever speed they want.'”

Introducing the CARDBOARD wine bottle! New eco-friendly design: “A new cardboard wine bottle has been created by a Californian-based team that is made from compressed recycled cardboard with a plastic liner inside. PaperBoy is the brainchild of packaging company Ecologic Brands and Truett-Hurst winery, and claims the carbon footprint of their ‘molded pulp’ bottles is 67 per cent smaller than that of its glass cousins, and weighs a whopping 85 per cent less. ‘Campers, hikers, and fishermen can carry this lightweight package and enjoy premium wine from a 750-mL bottle almost anywhere,’ CEO Phil Hurst explains in a statement to Fastco Design. ‘From mountaintops to impromptu pool parties. Heck, even the final frontier – space,’ PaperBoy’s website reads. Mr Hurst adds that the bottle is also collapsible, so it can easily be retained and returned to a recycling site following use.”

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