An Irish billboard?

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Odd news from around the world

The great survivor: “A Cardiff hero whose name appears on a monument to the fallen of the First World War actually survived the conflict. Alf Norman fought in the Boer War, the Great War and worked in a munitions factory during the Second World War yet he is on the Grangetown Memorial remembering the war dead. Sergeant Norman went on to live for three decades after the memorial recording his death was built. He was serving with the Glamorgan Yeomanry, believed to be in Mesopotamia, when his wife received two telegrams – one to say he was missing presumed killed and another to say he had been killed in action. His Cork-born ‘widow’ Mary organised a traditional Irish wake in his absence. Later news came through that far from being dead her husband was still very much alive and doing his bit for king and country. For some reason, his name was still put forward in the early 1920s when the Cardiff memorial was built.”

The world’s most complete preserved mammoth will go on display: “The baby mammoth, discovered in Siberia in 2007, will be the centrepiece of a special three-month exhibition at the London museum. It will be the first time is has been shown in Western Europe. The female mammoth is a little larger than a dog and is thought to have died 42,000 years ago when it was only one month old. It was found by Siberia’s Yuribei river, several mammoth remains have been unearthed in the area. Experts believe that its body was buried in wet clay and mud which then froze, preserving it until she was found by reindeer herder Yuri Khudi and his sons while they were searching for firewood along the banks of the Yuribei river.”

Elaborate graffiti: “Mysterious street artist Banksy is thought to have unveiled his latest creation, taking aim at the thorny issue of government surveillance. The guerrilla graffiti artist is believed to be behind the image of three trenchcoat clad agents eavesdropping on a telephone box that appeared in Cheltenham in the early hours of this morning. It is believed the city was chosen for the work because it is where GCHQ, the centre of the UK’s surveillance network, is based. The graffiti is on the side of a house just three miles from the listening post. The trenchcoat clad agents seem to be listening in on the phone box on the street corner in Cheltenham. Although the artist has not officially claimed the work, it is in his characteristic style and carries a political message in line with his previous pieces.”

Super-cheap frock: “At the bottom of a plastic bag lies a very small piece of highly flammable fabric in a colour never dreamed of by Mother Nature. This is budget clothing chain Peacocks’ latest offering: a £1.99 dress. Yes, that’s right, £1.99. Forty-one pence less than a cappuccino from my nearest coffee shop. I’ve bought it online to see just how cheap and cheerful fashion has become. Mint it is, and over the head it goes. At £1.99, a dress doesn’t come with a zip. There isn’t the budget for one. But once on, there is a mini-revelation; the thing is incredibly comfortable, like wearing a comfy T-shirt or a soft nightdress. But after the grim winter, it is a serotonin boost to be back in a silly, jaunty dress. It’s short, skaterish, girlish and it makes me feel oddly … cheerful. The first test is the children. They are most excited by the price. At last they can afford something in the adult world — who cares if they want it or not. They say they quite like it. ‘Pretty!’ is the verdict.”

Sexier stockings?: “The stockings are laced with the chemicals which are designed to increase sexual attraction. The Hush Hush range by hosiery firm Ballerina is laced with female pheromones believed to send men as wild as Hoffman in the 1967 film. A spokesman for Ballerina said: ‘Pheromones send out subconscious signals to the opposite sex.’ But while pheromones are emitted in our sweat glands, style mavens may be relieved to know the stockings’ ones are synthetic.

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