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Odd news from around the world

Mafia are family men, not psychopaths: “Italian researchers Schimmenti and colleagues, who are based in the birthplace of the mafia Sicily, went to a prison in Palermo to interview 30 convicted mobsters. They questioned 39 prisoners in the same institution who were jailed for non gang-related crimes. The researchers then used the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R) to determine whether any of the subjects showed psychotic characteristics. The 20-item list of personality traits and recorded behaviors associated with psychopathy – such as pathological lying, lack of empathy and an impulsive nature – is a common assessment used to determine whether someone has the personality disorder. Interviewees are assessed and given a score – with those marked above 30 being deemed a psychopath. The researchers discovered that none of the Mafia members they questioned scored over 30. Conversely, 10 per cent of the comparative group did. ‘Further, during the interviews, they often expressed concerns for their children and their families, and they had never ceased to write and call them. Such expressions of attachment were less apparent among the comparison men.”

Bargain hunters buy Royal Doulton figurine at a car boot sale for £2 and sell it at auction for £4,000: “David and Helen Lambert paid for the unusual blue Royal Doulton figurine they spotted at a car boot sale in Stockport with a £2 coin. They took it to valuers from BBC’s Flog It programme and were thrilled to discover they had bought a 1922 ‘Spook’ figure believed to be worth around £300. Auctioneer, John Cook, who sold the ornament at Gerrard’s Auctions, Lytham St Anne’s, was surprised to see its blue colour and believes it is a prototype glaze. He thinks the figure could be the only one in this colour and this is why the hammer fell much higher than expected. The lucky couple from Colne, Lancashire, head to car boot sales in search of a bargain most weekends but have decided to save the cash they raised from selling the ornament. ‘I think this sort of thing is a only once in a lifetime thing to happen to people and we don’t expect it to happen again.'”

Archbishop wages war on the Devil: Payday loans “The Archbishop of Canterbury wants to take his ‘war on Wonga’ into the classroom using Britain’s network of Church of England primary schools to spearhead an educational campaign against high-cost borrowing. The strategy to teach children the dangers of sinking into expensive debt through so-called payday lenders such as Wonga is being examined by former Financial Services Authority chief and Barclays executive Sir Hector Sants, who now heads the Archbishop’s Task Group on Responsible Savings and Credit. Archbishop Justin Welby has slammed payday lending as ‘usury’ and last year said the Church would try to ‘compete them out of business’ with its own credit operation.”

Piratical British lawyers: “A law firm was yesterday accused of sending the NHS legal bills of up to 80 times the value of compensation claims awarded to patients. Rapid Response Solicitors allegedly won £2,500 for a patient scalded by a hot drink – then billed the health service £58,000, more than 20 times the pay-out. In one case the company apparently submitted a bill of £83,000 after winning a client a pay-out of just £1,000. Now NHS managers have launched a crackdown on ‘excessive’ legal bills, challenging them in court and freeing up potentially millions of pounds to be spent on patient care. In the case of the hot drink pay-out, the costs – which included a reported £800-an-hour bill for legal advisers –were successfully slashed to £5,610.”

I have bow legs, says famous model: “She has just celebrated a quarter of a century as one of the world’s most successful supermodels. But despite her illustrious reputation, Kate Moss has revealed how a rare affliction prevents her pulling off certain outfits. The 40-year-old catwalk star said that her bow legs mean she has to avoid wearing mid-calf garments. Miss Moss claims dresses and coats that fall below the knee and sit about her ankles make her appear ‘bandy’. Only around five per cent of the population are said to suffer from bow legs, a condition that means the legs curve outwards, even when standing with the ankles together. The supermodel has previously revealed that she prefers short mini-skirts, and even admitted that she once asked her assistant to cut the hem of a £40,000 mid-calf coat to shorten its length.”

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