Bravest little cat in the world: Tiny wildcat defies 4 lionesses

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But still got eaten




Odd news from around the world

Deadly beans: “A young couple were given a bizarre early-morning wake up call when a sealed can of baked beans suddenly exploded in their kitchen. Ben Leo and his girlfriend Rhian Wade said they thought a bomb had gone off when they woke to the sudden noise at 3am in the morning. But they were left confused after a late-night search last Saturday failed to find the source of the loud bang. After going back to sleep, Mr Leo went to make a meal the next day and found the exploded tin of baked beans, bought from Lidl, in their kitchen cupboard. Mr Leo, 24, from Worthing, West Sussex, said: ‘We had no idea what it was and at 3am we were very confused and tired. Mr Leo said the tin was still in date and had only just been bought from a nearby store.”

‘We gave our sofa to a charity shop – with our missing CAT hiding in it’: “He disappeared for five days embarking on a 17-mile trip, leaving his owners distraught. But the couple, both 66, never imagined just what their treasured pet had been up to. For the adventurous grey tabby had indulged in a little sofa surfing, getting trapped inside an old three-seater destined for the charity shop. There he lay for four days quietly hiding in the piece of furniture donated to the St Luke’s Hospice charity in Grays Essex, by the 66-year-olds. The trapped cat was only discovered when the new owners, who asked not to be named, noticed meowing sounds coming from inside the three-seater. The bemused couple called the hospice shop to alert them to their unexpected free gift. Crockett is now back at home and has now been given a clean bill of health after his sofa surfing adventure.

Kind garbologists: “KNOX garbage collectors could not refuse a chance to make a little girl’s dream come true. Contractors aren’t usually in the business of granting wishes, but they didn’t waste a moment to help Sarah, 13, who has one great love — garbage trucks. The Rowville resident, who is clinically blind and has a learning disability, lives with her mum, Robyn Hutchinson, an Australian Army medic and widow. “They’re (garbage trucks) really good fun, they take away all our rubbish and they’re very responsible — but they’re a bit stinky,” Sarah told Knox Leader. Sgt Hutchinson said her daughter had loved the noisy trucks for years. “I don’t know where she got the fascination from, possibly one of her uncles,” Sgt Hutchinson said. Contractors gave Sarah the VIP treatment on collection day, complete with a high-visibility vest, truck tour and ride around the street to empty bins. Ms Lee said it was exhilarating to watch her niece. “She was ridiculously happy and it answered all her questions (about garbage trucks),” Ms Lee said.”

Meet ‘Robo-roo’, the bizarre bionic KANGAROO: “For the past two years, the German group has been secretly working emulating the jumping behaviour of the kangaroo in robot form. It’s one of their most ambitious bio-inspired robots yet and could help improve industrial automation systems that manufacture products such as cars and computers. Dubbed BionicKangaroo, the robot is controlled by gestures and can efficiently recover energy from one jump to help it make the next. It does this by using an elastic spring, which partially ‘charges’ the legs on landing, according to a report by Evan Ackerman in IEEE Spectrum.”

Was Jesus crucified with his arms ABOVE his head?: “For centuries the Church has largely depicted the crucifixion of Christ with his arms outstretched horizontally on a cross. But scientists believe that death by crucifixion may have been even crueller, and that a victim’s arms were probably nailed above their head. An international team studying the Shroud of Turin, which appears to depict a man who was put to death by crucifixion, said that no matter who created it, the artefact suggests that the practice involved a victim who was suspended in a Y-shape. They came to this conclusion after studying lines of ‘blood’ down the arms. Whatever the case, the linen cloth, which is imprinted with the faint image of a naked man, seems to show lines of blood that have streamed down his arms as well as other wounds. The duo found that the ‘blood’ marks on the shroud correspond to a crucifixion – but only if a person was nailed onto a cross in a ‘Y’ position instead of a ‘T’ position, as depicted in most Christian art.”

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