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Odd news from around the world

Man wins court battle against parking firm who tried to fine him £100 for CIRCLING car park without stopping: “A motorist has won a court battle against a parking firm who tried to fine him £100 for circling a car park – without stopping. Dave Hotchin, 49, spent half an hour waiting for a space without success before driving away from Fistral Beach car park in Newquay, Cornwall. Two months later shocked Mr Hotchin received a demand for £100 saying the couple had been caught without a ticket by an automatic number plate reader. After sending four further warnings to Mr Hotchin and his wife bosses at car park firm Parking Eye launched a court action to get the money. But a judge threw out the claim because the 31 minutes the pair from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, spent driving around the car park in May last year did not classify as ‘parking’.”

How all chefs should peel their apples: “A chef in the Netherlands has come up with a novel solution for peeling apples when in a hurry. After receiving a large order for his tarte tatin, Jasper van Ramhorst turned to DIY when he could not find a kitchen appliance to do the job. Colleagues at the Eetcafé de Gribus restaurant filmed the head chef using a power drill to peel his way through a pile of apples in seconds. The video shows him sticking the apples on the end of the drill and resting a peeler against them as they spin at high speed. With the unorthodox technique cutting peel time down to just a few seconds per apple, this could be the ultimate solution for harried dieters trying to increase their 5-a-day intake to the new recomended 10-a-day.”

Found: Two paintings worth £30m – including one by Gaugin – that were stolen from London home in 1970: “Two paintings worth millions of euros by the French artists Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard which were stolen in London in 1970 then abandoned on a train have been recovered in Italy. Gauguin’s ‘Fruit on a table or small dog’ and Bonnard’s ‘Woman with two chairs’ which were taken from a family house in the British capital, were recovered from an Italian factory worker who had hung them in his kitchen for almost 40 years. The Gauguin painting is worth between 10 and 30 million euros (£8million and £24million) while the Bonnard is valued at some 600,000 euros (£500,000), Italy’s heritage police said at a press conference on Wednesday. The paintings turned up in a lost property department at a train station and were sold at auction in 1975 to a worker at a Fiat factory, who bought them for 45,000 Italian lire or 23 euros (£20, equivalent to about £300 today). He hung them on the wall of his kitchen”.

Parenting, Chinese Style: Couple chain their son to a concrete block: “Chinese parents have admitted to putting their son in chains and refusing to let him go as a punishment for constant stealing. Father Wen Yuan, 47, chained up his son, Chuang, 24, because he believed his thieving habits had brought shame on the family. As a result he tied his son to his bedroom in their house in Xibianban village in south China’s Jiangxi province, for fear that if he didn’t stop his son from stealing, he would soon end up in jail. Chuang was chained by the neck to a heavy concrete block, which he placed in the boy’s bedroom so that he couldn’t do anything but move around the room and sit in his bed. Wen Yuan said: ‘It isn’t exactly a large community here, when something is stolen everybody knows who’s to blame. ‘I always had to compensate my neighbours and apologise for what he had stolen if I couldn’t return it and I just got fed up with it.'”

Spam breaks out: “Spam is back in vogue say New York restaurateurs, who are serving the wartime staple atop of sushi, salads and even straight up out of the tin as a side. John Daley, the head chef and co-owner of New York Sushi Ko, told the Gothamist that he likes to use the tinned meat mix – which retails for around $2.50 per 12oz – when rustling up his fancy $150 tasting menu. One diner who tried his ‘Spam fried rice’ creation topped with seared tuna and pineapple, described it as ‘so good’, ‘savory’ and a ‘little bit [like] oxtail’. Mr Daley says his Spam concoctions have created quite a buzz and indeed, as he sat talking, someone popped in and asked if he was ‘still doing the Spam thing.’ Mike Briones, who runs Suzume in Brooklyn, has also witnessed unprecedented demand for the ‘pink stuff’ – named after the shortened version of ‘spiced ham’. He serves it, like Mr Daley, as sushi. Thick slices of the processed ham are placed on sticky rice, with a ribbon of dried seaweed holding it all together.”

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