American news networks screw up their geography

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AMERICAN TV news networks have made a series of embarrassing stuff-ups in their coverage of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. It was a double whammy for Texas’ KXAN news, who not only misspelt the word ‘search’ in their infograph, but mistakenly placed Perth in Tasmania.

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, a graphic placed an unusual emphasis on Port Hedland and the Pacific Ocean became the Coral Sea.

The boffins at CNN last night placed Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, in Indonesia.

It didn’t stop there. This morning a reader sent us this egregious error posted on CNN’s website yesterday.

The prime Minister of Australia is Tony Abbott

Original story here




Odd news from around the world

Vietnamese children cross river in plastic bags to reach school: “Parents in a flood-hit village in Vietnam have resorted to transporting their children to school inside large plastic sacks to keep their uniforms dry. Footage has emerged of a man helping primary school pupils cross a river in full flood by putting them in a plastic bag. The bizarre school run was filmed by a teacher in Sam Lang village, Dien Bien Province, near Hanoi in northern Vietnam. n this incredible clip, a man can be seen carefully wrapping up each child in a plastic bag before launching himself neck deep into the raging torrent. Once at the other side the perfectly dry child is then unwrapped by the man who returns for more. ong Thi Minh, a teacher at a village preschool, filmed the perilous journey last year on her mobile phone when the nearby suspension bridge was out of use because of the floods.

Is this the future of the village shop? Giant VENDING MACHINE in pub car park dispenses everyday essentials for rural community who lost their local store: “It may not provide that great village shop tradition of a catch up with the latest gossip or a chat about the weather. But despite the lack of a human touch, this automated shop is a lifeline for residents. The giant vending machine opened this week in Clifton, Derbyshire, which has been without a village shop for 14 years. The machine, which contains chiller compartments, stocks essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, toiletries, pet food – and umbrellas. Residents select their items, pay by cash or credit card and take the goods from the dispenser. Electrical engineer Peter Fox invented it after the village shop closed down. Unable to interest a firm in developing the machine, he spent three years building one himself. ‘The problem with vending machines is that they can’t handle the range, weight, or delicacy of a wide range of products such as milk, eggs, bread, washing powder and so on. Our shop can handle all of these and many more besides.'”

Serving God is more satisfying than working in a bar: “Vicars, farmers and secretaries are among the happiest jobs in Britain, according to an official study. Despite earning much less than doctors, lawyers or bankers, they have higher job satisfaction. However, pub landlords, builders and cleaners were said to be the least happy in their work. Clergy, including vicars as protrayed by Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley, have the highest life satisfaction, while pub landlords, like Al Murray’s, character have the lowest. David Cameron ordered the creation of the wellbeing survey, arguing there was more to a successful country than economic data. Ministers believe that by giving people information about the levels of happiness enjoyed by different lifestyle they can make choices to improve their own wellbeing. Now it has been shown that earning more money does not buy you happiness at work. Asked to rank their life satisfaction out of 10, the clergy come top with an average of 8.291, despite an average income of just £20,568, according to the Cabinet Office.

British council leaves 13 FOOT long pothole in road because ‘It’s not a pothole: “A 13-foot-long crater has been plaguing villagers for more than a year – because the council claim it’s not a pothole and so can’t be simply fixed. The hole, which has opened up on the C175 between the villages of Yetlington and Thistleton, in Northumberland, has already dealt hundreds of pounds worth of damage to locals’ vehicles and many feel they are taking their lives into their own hands when they try and navigate through it. Northumberland County Council claim it has taken so long because it’s not technically a pothole, but rather a collapsed carriageway, meaning it is far more complicated to repair. The crater has been nicknamed Lake Windemere – after Britain’s largest lake – because of its size and how often it is filled to the brim with rainwater. The 13 foot long area of road has been in disrepair for more than a year but has still not been fixed”

A single strand from Elvis’ famous quiff goes up for auction: “The single piece of the world-renowned quiff, which is set in the middle of a framed golden record, will go under the hammer in Wooler, Northumberland tomorrow. It has come from the collection of a late Elvis fan who lived in Gosforth, Newcastle. Auctioneer Jim Railton has not placed an estimate on the item, saying: ‘It will make whatever it makes. It could sell for £50 or £500.’

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