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Odd news from around the world

Bank robber jailed after he gave himself up to police when his raid became a laughing stock on Facebook because he failed to bother with a disguise: “A bank robber has been jailed after his poorly planned caper turned him into an online laughing stock and forced him to turn himself in. Nathan Baxendale, 21, surrendered to police less than 48 hours after pulling off the bank job because his failure to wear a disguise while committing the crime made evading capture impossible. Baxendale strode into a branch of the Co-op bank in Bury, Greater Manchester, last month and handed staff a note saying: ‘Give me your money, I have a gun.’ Hailing a taxi to make his getaway with £2,000 in cash, Baxendale thought he had escaped cleanly. However, by not concealing his identity, the hapless criminal made it easy for police to obtain clear pictures of him from the bank’s high quality CCTV system.”

£5,000 electric bike hides its motor to add a ‘car boot’: “Carrying shopping, work kit or even an order of pizzas on a motorbike can be tricky, unless you have access to a massive Harley Davidson. But an eco-friendly electric bike that has a large cubby hole instead of a fuel tank could mean the end of cumbersome backpacks or bags precariously balanced on handlebars. German engineers built a nifty electric motor into the hub of the ‘Feddz’ bike’s wheel to free up the space for a rider’s personal possessions. The bike can be charged using a standard household power outlet and take around seven hours for a full charge. The premium bike can reach 28mph (45kph) and the eco model has a capped speed of 16mph (25kph).”

British cops leave hilarious note for pot grower after confiscating crop: “THE Greater Manchester police force has a sense of humour and they don’t care who knows it. Officers from the Salford West station have proudly taken to Twitter to show off some of their recent handiwork. When nobody was home at a suspected drug den, they kicked in the door, confiscated a crop of 72 cannabis plants and left this hilarious note for the pot grower to find upon return.”

The Halfbike — Bizarre one-wheel invention claims to make city cycling more practical: “It claims to be able to combine running and cycling – and be the ultimate urban transport. The bizarre halfbike has one large wheel, and is steered by a pole while the rider stands. It’s inventors claim it is small enough to carry around when not in use, and could replace the gym for many – as well as giving commuters a better view of traffic. Riders stand upright and turn simply by leaning their body. The ride is smooth and sometimes feels like gliding, according to the makers. The pedals drive the main front wheel directly, while the rider uses a motion somewhere between running and cycling to propel themselves – rather like using a cross trainer at the gym. ‘Halfbike brings you a completely new experience,’ says the Arizona firm behind the bike. Martin Angelov, the inventor, say he was inspired by wanting to simplify the bike.

The £20m Fabergé egg found in the Midwest: “A scrap metal dealer who bought an ornament from a bric-a-brac market to be melted down for its gold discovered it is a £20 million Fabergé egg after finding a Telegraph article online. The Imperial Easter Egg was designed by Carl Fabergé for Tsar Alexander III in 1887 and seized by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. It eventually turned up on an antiques stall in the US a decade ago, its provenance unknown to the vendor. It was spotted by a dealer who bought and sold gold for scrap value. Knowing nothing of the egg’s history, he purchased it for £8,000 based on its weight and estimated value of the diamonds and sapphires featured in the decoration. The egg languished in his kitchen for years until one night in 2012, when he Googled “egg” and “Vacheron Constantin”, a name etched on the timepiece inside. The result was a Telegraph article published a year earlier, featuring a picture of his egg and the title: “Is this £20 million nest-egg on your mantelpiece?”

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