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Odd news from around the world

The inventive English: “Some of England’s claims to fame are set to rob our nearest neighbours of their most iconic products, from Scottish haggis to Italian lasagne. Robbing the Scots of their national dish, the tourist board has discovered that the first haggis recipe was created in Lancashire. The first written recipe for the dish – a mix of sheep or calf offal, suet, oatmeal and seasoning – actually originated from Lancashire and was called ‘hagese’. It was later included in the verse cookbook Liber Cure Cocorum, in 1430. But it’s not just the Scots who will be upset with England. It appears the father of Parisian haute couture was an Englishman too. Charles Frederick Worth moved to Paris in 1846 and became the ‘first couturier’ to the Emperor Bonaparte III’s wife”. And if the French are upset to learn that they have been out-styled by the English, they certainly won’t want to hear that Champagne was also first created in Gloucestershire. Christopher Merret, a scientist and physician, first recorded the recipe for France’s favourite fizz in 1662.”

The £9,000 painting that’s on sale for £180,000… all thanks to a shoe: “A family turned a run-of-the mill Victorian painting into a valuable masterpiece from the Crimean war – after the detail of a woman’s shoe caught their eye. For although Christie’s in London once assessed the work as being by an unknown artist, closer examination of the shoe of a maid in the picture suggested the hand of an acclaimed painter who had depicted very similar footwear before. Buoyed by the shoe clue, Gary and Helen Sutcliffe and their son Jonathan then scoured galleries across the world, before poring over the wooden frame of the picture. They were delighted to confirm their hunch was right by discovering their chief suspect’s signature tucked away out of sight. Now the painting – by Jerry Barrett, who famously depicted Florence Nightingale at work during the Crimean war – is on sale for £180,000.”

Ancient moss brought back to life after 1,500 years by scientists who just sprinkled it with WATER: “Scientists have successfully revived moss that has lay frozen under Antarctic ice for more than 1,500 years. The discovery shows, for the first time, that plant life has the ability to survive millennium spanning ice ages. Moss has previously been known to weather extreme conditions for up to 20 years and is an important player in the eco-systems of both the North and South Poles. The research was jointly carried out by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the University of Reading and involved sliced moss cores being taken from Antarctic permafrost and sprayed with distilled water by being kept in carefully monitored temperature and light conditions. After only a few weeks, the moss started to grow and carbon dating revealed that the plants were at least 1,530 years old. This moss would already have been at least decades old when it was first frozen.”

Man, 23, fined £90 for criminal damage after attacking a cardboard POLICEMAN: “A man who dragged a cardboard cut-out of a policeman onto a petrol station forecourt and kicked it to pieces in full view of CCTV has been fined £90. Police tracked down the 23-year-old after the bizarre attack at a Tesco petrol station in Pitsea, Essex, where the two-dimensional officer was supposedly being used to deter shoplifters. They used his car numberplate to trace him to his home in nearby Basildon and issued him with the fine for criminal damage. Police viewed footage of the incident, which happened in broad daylight on March 1, and attended the man’s home on Tuesday last week where he admitted the attack. Sgt Simon Gray, from the Basildon Retail Crime Unit, said: ‘This man obviously thought it would be funny to take this cut-out to the forecourt and kick it to pieces. The destroyed cardboard policeman has not yet been replaced at the Tesco petrol station.”

Woman finds 100 MILLION lire in her safe – only to be told it’s worth NOTHING because Italy has had the euro for more than a decade: “A woman who found 100 million lire in cash which would be worth £43million has been told the money is worthless because the currency is no longer in use. Claudia Moretti discovered the cash a few months ago stashed in a safe at her uncle’s home which she had inherited following his death. Ms Moretti, who lives in Pesaro on the Adriatic coast, was delighted to be given the house and said she was stunned when she found the fortune in the safe. However, her hopes of being set up for life were dashed when she went to Italy’s central bank (Banca d’Italia) to have the cash exchanged into euros where she was told the money was now worthless. She hired lawyers to challenge the decision but they were unsuccessful because before adopting the euro currency on January 1 2002, Italy’s central bank had set a time limit for the exchange of the lira. Any coins or banknotes not presented to the bank before December 6, 2011, were then declared worthless.”

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