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Odd news from around the world

Unsafe fishing in Australia’s wild North: “A FISHO was lucky not to be electrocuted as his rod was struck by lightning — but even luckier when it exploded and the shards missed vital arteries in his neck. The lightning hit the rod, which was in the boat’s rod holder and not held by anyone, but struck the reel, sending shards flying. “The rod has exploded, sending shards into his neck,” he said. “It almost, but did not, sever his carotid artery. “It caused damage around artery in his neck.” But his friends were unable to drive straight away for fear of further lightning strikes while underway into the storm. It took them six hours to get back upstream to the boatramp where they could transport him to the CareFlight plane.

Adder loses count: “At first glance this snake appears to be a venomous sidewinder that has slithered across a desert. But the serpent is actually an adder that was caught on camera making its way across a sandy beach in Cornwall. The 3ft long snake was snapped by Tim Hunt who spotted it and its lengthy trail while he watched the sunset at Godrevy beach, near Hayle, Cornwall. He used his camera tripod to scoop it up away from the incoming tide and moved it to safety behind some sand dunes. Tim, 25, from Worcestershire, said: ‘I was photographing the sunset when I saw a trail in the sand and assumed a child had dragged a stick down the beach. ‘It was only whilst walking further down the beach that I noticed there was something at the end of the trail, it turned out to be an adder. ‘I was sure that with it being so far out in the middle of the beach and with the incoming tide, its chances of survival were slim. ‘So using my tripod I carried the adder to the safety and shelter of the sand dunes behind the beach.'”

Pigs are quite smart: “The pigs were provided with specially made joysticks that they could control with their mouths or snouts and then tasked with the job of moving a cursor around on the screen to make contact with different target walls that would shrink and move away. Croney did not think the pigs would be able to do it. But they could. “They learn novel things quite quickly and quite well.” She soon set her pigs to other tasks. They were asked to perform duties in which they had to respond to visual cues. They were given odor quizzes, correctly picking out, say, spearmint, from an array of other smells that included mint and peppermint. Croney’s pigs were pampered and stimulated. They lived in large indoor runs and had lots of toys to play with to break up the monotony of the day. Croney says the pigs were extremely clean, that they housebroke themselves and that at the end of a play session they put their own toys away in a big tub.

“Dude” is a Scottish word: “THE world ‘dude’ is so ingrained in the global consciousness that it transcends cultural boundaries with the same ease that it slopes off the tongue. What comes as a surprise, however, is that its roots can be traced to the Scottish word ‘duddies’. ‘Duddies’ refer to ragged or tattered clothes and originated from Ayrshire. How the word evolved from a negative word to a positive is unclear but immigration and cultural changes will have played their part. It should be noted that ‘duds’, which also originated from the word ‘duddies’, is a popular term for clothes and no longer carries any negative connotations. From the 1880s onwards it was used by rural dwellers in the US to refer to their visiting smartly dressed city counterparts.”

Is that a cutlet in your pants?: “A MAN who was caught shoving lamb steaks down his pants in the meat aisle at a Palmerston supermarket on Saturday has been charged by police. NT Police duty superintendent Louise Jorgensen said the meat was removed from the man’s trousers and “declared unfit for sale”. “The meat has been destroyed,” Spt Jorgensen said. Spt Jorgensen said the man, 41, had been “causing a disturbance by begging for money” before attempting to steal the steaks. She said the meat-lover had abused passers-by who ignored him or refused to hand over cash. It was alleged that he later assaulted a security guard. The offender — who may have been channelling spirit from Lady Gaga — was arrested and has been charged with assault, stealing, begging and disorderly behaviour.”

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