Just call me “Whiskers”

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Cat thought to have the longest whiskers in Britain




Odd news from around the world

Elephant smashes down Indian family’s house… then returns to lift wreckage from trapped baby: “A rampaging elephant demolished a house in a remote Indian village before saving a baby trapped under the rubble. The elephant, which locals say has killed people in the past and has wrecked more than a dozen houses, rampaged through the house at night when the family was inside. It started to move away from the rubble, but hearing a baby girl’s cries it returned, the family said. The jumbo then ‘carefully’ removed with its trunk the wreckage that had fallen on the 10-month-old child and headed back to the forest. The girl’s mother said the incident was a miracle. ‘We worship Lord Ganesh (the elephant god) in our village. Still, I can’t believe that the tusker saved my daughter after breaking down the door and smashing a wall,’ Lalita Mahato said. ‘We watched amazed as it gently removed the debris that had fallen on her. It’s a miracle.'”

Boxer dog climbed into driver’s seat and sounded horn with her paw for 15 minutes when owner took too long to return: “Fern, an 18-month-old boxer, was filmed leaning back in the driver seat with her left paw resting on the steering wheel and repeatedly pressing the horn on Saturday afternoon. The animal had been left inside the car while her owner to finish browsing an art gallery in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee in Scotland. At the time they thought little of the noise, and decided to browse the Eduardo Alessandro Studios art gallery. But after returning to their vehicle 15 minutes later they were shocked to see a large crowd gathered and grew concerned for Fern’s welfare. ‘When I got closer I realised people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures. She gave me a sideways glance and just kept on going,’ Mr Haddow went on. Although Fern regularly climbs into the front seat when left alone in a car, she has never actually used the horn before, Mr Haddow said.”

Why do Flamingos stand on one leg? “Flamingos spend a lot of their time in the water, and whenever they’re there and not actively feeding, you can find them standing on just one leg, something that they even sometimes do when they’re on dry land. Humans, like all mammals and birds (including flamingos), are warm blooded, and tend to be hotter than their surrounding environment. If you place an object like a warm-blooded creature in water, however, they lose their body heat 25 times faster than they do in air, and you lose that heat proportional to the amount of surface area in contact with it. So for a flamingo? That one leg that’s in the water is losing body heat quickly, and given the large surface area of its foot, it could even comprise the majority of a flamingo’s body heat loss. A flamingo that never learned to stand on one leg, that spent most of its time in the water with both legs immersed, would lose somewhere around 40-70% more body heat than a flamingo that did learn this behavior. That means it’s free to spend more time in the water, more time feeding, and enables it to have more chances for success at being a flamingo”

Anglo-Saxon hoard revealed: 4,000 pieces of stunning handcrafted treasure: “An incredible hoard of precious Anglo-Saxon gold items, the likes of which professional archaeologists dream of finding, was discovered buried in a field by a jobless treasure hunter five years ago. And now all 4,000 pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard have been brought back together for the first time. The skills of the ancient jewellers are striking, with threads of gold less than a millimetre thick wound into elegant patterns, and tiny pieces of red and blue garnet stone that have been carved into elaborate curved shapes to fit into sword decorations. Other pieces include snakes, horses and even marching warriors. The treasure dates from 675 and 725AD, the time of Beowulf – the great Anglo-Saxon poem. Historian Chris Fern said that the unique discovery has shed new light on the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. The description of a warrior’s adornment in gold was thought to have been exaggerated, but experts are starting to see that it could have been closer to the truth following the study of the Hoard.”

Nobel prize for sale: “If you want to join the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Teresa in having a Nobel Peace Prize it’s easy – you just need £50,000 in your back pocket. A lost prize which surfaced in a South American pawn shop is going under the hammer, becoming only the second ever to be auctioned. The 23-carat solid gold medal was awarded to Argentina’s foreign minister in 1936 for his role ending a brutal South American war which killed 100,000 people. Now it has emerged the medal was traded in at a pawn shop in South America 20 years ago. Whoever brought the prize to the shop may have had no idea of its true value, instead trading the 222.4g piece for the value of its gold. Instead of revealing it, the pawnbroker sold it to a U.S. dealer who he had done business with before. He took it back to his home country and sold it to another dealer, who then sold it to the Charles A Wharton collection – a pseudonym for a wealthy collector who died more than 10 years ago. The man’s descendants have now decided to sell it. The 1936 prize is expect to fetch at least $50,000 to $100,000 (£30,106 to £60,212).”

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