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Odd news from around the world

TSA morons Searched Man’s Luggage for digital coins: “Apparently, carrying lapel pins that look vaguely like the Bitcoin symbol through airport security was enough to provoke questioning from confused Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. A pair of steely government workers confronted Davi Barker, claiming they saw Bitcoin in his luggage. There is one obvious problem with this. Bitcoin is digital. It can’t sit in luggage like a wad of cash or a handful of tokens. Barker replied suspiciously, “What did the Bitcoin look like?” “Like medallions or tokens,” one agent claimed. It’s not clear exactly what prompted the additional screening. Barker was wearing a hoodie with an image of an airplane unloading Bitcoin from the skies. He also had a container of lapels buried in his bag.”

Bungling British nurses insist alive woman is dead: “The family of a cancer patient was told in a phone call by hospital staff she had died suddenly – only to discover she was still alive after rushing to her bedside. Astonishingly, Ann Saville’s partner realised she was still breathing when he held her hand to say a final goodbye. ‘She was still warm and I could feel she was pulsing,’ said John Harrison. ‘I said to the nurses: “She’s still alive!” and they said: “She’s not, it’s this involuntary reaction”.’ After eventually realising their mistake, nurses summoned a doctor but Mr Harrison claims they waited more than an hour for her to arrive. In a further twist, it is now feared leukaemia patient Ms Saville, 71, may have suffered brain damage during the episode. Last night, she remained critically ill. ‘I cannot believe the course of events,’ said Mr Harrison, a photographer. ‘They’re professionals – they’re supposed to know what they’re doing.’”

The pothole kingdom: “Martyn Uzzell didn’t stand a chance when his bike hit a four-inch deep pothole on the A65 at Giggleswick, North Yorkshire. The 51-year-old service engineer, on a charity ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats, died instantly from severe head injuries when he was thrown into the path of the car behind him. A month before the accident, workers from North Yorkshire County Council inspected the pothole, after police reported it as a hazard. Disastrously, it was decided that immediate repairs weren’t necessary. The Giggleswick pothole was just one of what must be millions that have appeared across the country in recent years — and, sadly, Martyn Uzzell’s death is one of many caused by potholes. Several icy winters in a row, followed by this year’s floods, have created unprecedented numbers of these lethal hazards. Indeed, drivers or cyclists can barely attempt a short journey without encountering a route littered with potholes.”

Japanese firm launches £60 paper tissues: “A Japanese paper company has launched a line of tissues in 12 different hues, with every box costing £60. The super soft tissues are being produced by the company Daishowa First, and is the latest in their line of high-quality products for the super rich. The product is called ‘Juunihitoe’, a traditional Japanese word that refers to a twelve layered ceremonial kimono worn by a court lady. The name was chosen to be as regal as possible, and is likely targeted at A-list celebs. The 12 shades are all named after colours from the natural world, mostly flowers, all of which had original Japanese names.”

Man lost 56lbs by eating only McDonald’s for six months: “John Cisna, a high school biology teacher from Colo, Iowa, claims he has lost a total of 21 inches from his waist, hips and chest by sticking to a 2,000 calorie daily diet consisting solely of meals from the fast food chain. What’s more, the 54-year-old’s total cholesterol dropped from 249 to 190, and he saw his BMI decrease from 38 when he weighed 280lbs to a healthier 30 at his current weight. The six-foot-tall Mr Cisna told that while he didn’t bore of McDonald’s meals over the six months, he is looking forward to eating other foods when the experiment officially ends on March 15. ‘I am craving seafood,’ he confessed. ‘In fact, my first night when I am done with this, I’m going to have some shrimp and some scallops and some salmon. Maybe some asparagus on a bed of rice pilaf.’ Mr Cisna had his students plan out each of his meals using the fast food franchise’s online nutritional information, requiring that they follow the dietary restrictions he set out.”

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