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Deep sea creatures photographed by Russian photographer Semenov




Odd news from around the world

Were dinosaurs wiped out by DARK MATTER?: “Dark matter is beginning to live up to its name. The mysterious force could be what killed off the dinosaurs, according to a new study that attempts to explain presence. The research argues that comets are not created by the sun’s influence over space rocks, but instead pushed towards our planet by dark matter. Dark matter is considered crucial to theories explaining how the universe is expanding and how galaxies interact. Scientists are fairly sure it exists, but they do not know what it looks like or where to find it. Astronomers have only been able to theorise its existence through the gravitational effects it has on matter in the universe. The team looked at large craters on Earth that were created in the last 250 million years. Their analysis suggested that the dark matter idea would be more likely to produce the observed patterns in crater impacts than an average rate of impact.”

The woman who ‘can leave her body at will’: “People have long been fascinated by out-of-body experiences – are they just tricks of the mind or do they have some sort of spiritual significance? Now new research has shed light on what it terms as ‘extra-corporeal experiences’ by studying the brain activity of a Canadian woman who claims she can drift outside her own body at will. Scientists believe the left side of several areas of the brain associated with kinaesthetic imagery (the perception of the sensation of moving) are responsible for the sensation of being able to leave your body and float above it – and that more people might have similar experiences than thought.”

Ugly cat finds a kind home: “A fierce-looking feline whose facial markings left him looking permanently angry has been found a new home after a shelter’s appeal to rehome him was shared around the world. The Persian stray with a face to rival the famous Grumpy Cat meme was saved by rescuers after he was found wandering the streets in North Carolina. But his scary stare had been frightening potential new owners – leaving staff worried he was too angry to find a new home. Now, the stray has finally found a new home after New Hanover Sherriff’s Office Animal Service Unit issued an appeal for help. He was taken in by Shaine Poone and her family in Onslow County, who have renamed him Captain Jack, just four days after the advert went out. But the shelter had to warn them he wasn’t suited to sharing an owner with other feline pets as the breed likes to be the only cat in the house.”

New coach for the Queen made in Australia: “It was meant as an 80th birthday present for the Queen, but the expensive golden coach ended up the centre of a political row over taxpayer dollars while it lay idle for almost a a decade in a backyard workshop in suburban Sydney. Called Britannia, the jewel-encrusted carriage which cost millions and took thousands of hours of painstaking work, may finally be put into service by the royal family. A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace confirmed ‘the coach has now arrived in the United Kingdom and plans are being made for it to be used in the future’. Eight years overdue for its original purpose, as Her Majesty’s birthday present on her 80th brithday in 2006, the coach has missed several royal milestones promised by its maker, Sydney man Jim Frecklington.”

‘Our president… Barraco Barner’: Lancashire beautician sparks worldwide Twitter ridicule after getting Obama’s name wrong: When a young British beautician realised relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter. Without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma Worrall, 20, wrote: ‘If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia, scary.’ Within hours, Miss Worrall, from Blackpool, was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted thousands of times. Miss Worrall, who works at a Blackpool beauty salon, deleted the tweet but the damage had already been done. Meanwhile the beautician, who works in a salon in Blackpool, was being invited onto TV and radio chat shows and having to fend off unkind comments calling her ‘stupid’, ‘spaz’ and ‘dumb’ on the social media site that made her name.

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