Corvette Tail Lights for Sale

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They found his cellphone still in his hands and his head in the back seat. Isn’t texting while driving fun?




Odd news from around the world

Bungling burglar caught … because he left his BIRTH CERTIFICATE at the scene: “A teenage burglar who stole cash from a children’s home was caught after he dropped his birth certificate at the scene during the raid. Nathan Carver accidentally left the incriminating piece of evidence after breaking into Jasmin House in the Alwoodley area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, a court heard. The 19-year-old forced open a box containing keys to the safe when he raided the children’s home on August 14 last year. He targeted the property after youngsters had been taken out on an evening trip to the cinema by staff. Leeds Crown Court heard how Carver stole £179 and three mobile phones from the safe and caused £370 worth of damage. Carver, of Harehills, Leeds, was arrested after his birth certificate was found on the office floor. His fingerprints were found on a window ledge. Recorder Andrew Haslam ordered Carver to be sent to a young offenders’ institution for three years and two months.”

Rum made in 1780s for sale : “It was bottled up 235 years ago and has been left to gather dust in a cellar ever since. But this historic collection of rum has become the most expensive in history, after fetching £80,000 at auction. The rare 18th century spirit was discovered in the basement of Harewood House in Leeds while staff performed an inventory. The bottles date back to around 1780 and were valued at £600-£800 per bottle. Harrogate Fine Wine Company then sold the alcohol at an auction hosted by Christie’s in London. Mark Lascelles, brother of the eighth Earl of Harewood, who owns the Grade II listed country house in Yorkshire said: ‘I had always known the bottles were down there but I wouldn’t have given them another look. ‘But when my late father asked us to do an inventory we thought we might take one and test it out, even though the mould was pretty unsavoury. Mr Lascelles added that the discovery of the rum made perfect sense, given the links between Harewood House and the Caribbean – some of the rum has now been returned to Barbados.

Hammerhead shark gets up close to fearless diver – who FEEDS IT: “This is the moment a diver comes within inches of being fish food as a giant hammerhead shark bares its teeth at him. Diver Eli Martinez bravely stands his ground after coming face-to-face with the prehistoric hunting machine while free diving outside a protective cage. The close encounter was photographed off Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Eli said: ‘They don’t have a lot of interest in divers as they are so interested in the bait we are offering them’. Despite their look hammerheads are extremely shy and need a lot of work to allow divers close to them. After multiple trips and hours of diving nearby they finally got used to Eli in January this year – hammerheads regularly visit these waters during the winter season. Hammerheads are coveted by the shark fin trade because of their very large fins so they have been relentlessly hunted. Great hammerheads are an endangered species and protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”

Cheap Chinese truffles too: “They are notoriously difficult to grow, even more difficult to dig up, and at £200 per lb, they are one of the most expensive foods in the world. French black truffles, also known as ‘black diamonds’, are so in-demand that even celebrity chefs have to use them sparingly. So it should come as no surprise to learn that unscrupulous eateries are conning consumers by spraying cheap Chinese varieties with chemicals then passing them off as the real deal. Asian truffles, which are lighter and much more common than their French equivalent, can cost as little as £12 per lb. Because truffles are now so rare and are added to dishes in such tiny amounts it makes the practice easy to get away with, complain trufficulteurs – as the food’s connoisseurs are known. An investigation by a French consumer watchdog in 2012 found that between ten and 15 per cent of truffles claiming to be of the exclusive Peringord variety were actually cheap imports.”

How secluded can you get?: “The Mountain Guest House in Äscher-Wildkirchli is built directly into the rock face of the Ebenalp mountain in Appenzell, Switzerland. There are no TVs, just a single toilet and all 40 of the beds are in boarding-school style dormitories but hikers flock throughout the summer for the unrivalled peace and quiet. Only accessible by a narrow mountainside path, the guest house is more than a century old and so isolated in the winter it only opens May to October. It’s just metres from the Wildkirchli Mountain Chapel where masses during the summer are accompanied by traditional Swiss yodelling. Claudia and Beny Knechtle-Wyss have opened their home to guests for the last 27 years and in 2012 it was even named ‘mountain guest house of the year’ by the UNESCO International Council on Monuments and Sites.”

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  1. Ummm, Corvette=no back seat. Don’t really want to know where his head is.

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