It’s the Rio carnival again

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Odd news from around the world

‘Battle of the Oranges’ gets messy in Italy: “Crowds in Ivrea, Italy bombard each other with oranges. The annual ‘Battle of the Oranges’ sees large crowds bombarding each other with the oranges, many of whom are dressed up in medieval costumes. The battle recalls the uprising in the 12th century of commoners against noblemen, with the oranges representing the oppressors’ heads. More recently, in the 1930s, local girls started to throw oranges onto carnival parade carriages to make the boys notice them. The boys started to throw items back and over time the duel turned into a real fight from the balconies and streets.

Aftershave maddens cat: “A father was left with a three-inch gash to his head after being attacked by a neighbour’s cat because it hated his aftershave. Ian Olver, 44, who works as a plasterer, splashed on the Hugo Boss Bottled Night scent after it was given to him by his wife Hayley, 40, as a Christmas present. He put it on for the first time on Saturday before he went to see his neighbours, Mark and Lorraine Bawden. But the unsuspecting father-of-two had no idea that their pet cat Blue had a phobia of strong scents. The normally-placid cat leapt up at Ian and began clawing at his neck and ears as soon as it smelt his eau de toilette. He managed to fight off the animal but was left with a three inch gash to the back of his head which required hospital treatment and a tetanus injection.”

Children undergo traditional ‘lucky haircuts’ in China: “Tis the season to be trimmed – in China anyway. Yesterday the nation celebrated the second lunar month, when it is good luck to get a haircut. Also known as ‘the day the dragon raises its head’, it is widely believed you should have your own one refashioned in tribute. But the tradition does not seem to have gone down well with this group of children. Whereas adults and barbers took to the streets with scissors and smiles, their sons and daughters can be seen screaming and crying as they go under the razor. Some entire families get a number one, much to the infants’ distaste. Others, however, use the day as a chance for a restyled trim. In a well-known Chinese legend, a poor barber could not afford a decent new year’s gift for his uncle, so he gave him a haircut.”

Snake eats croc: “Local woman Tiffany Corlis saw the snake, a python, heading towards the freshwater crocodile on the edge of Lake Moondarra, some 12 miles north east of Mount Isa, in outback Queensland. With lightning speed it suddenly wrapped itself around the crocodile and put it in a death squeeze. No matter how much the crocodile struggled, it had no hope of freeing itself from the snake’s powerful body. It wasn’t long before life was squeezed out of the croc. Wisely deciding not to intervene, Ms Corlis quietly took photographs of the rare event as the snake turned to the object of the attack and began slowly consuming the reptile. That seemingly impossible task took a little more time but eventually the entire crocodile disappeared through the python’s mouth. Then, twice its normal size, the snake slowly made its way into the nearby swamp bushes to digest its hearty meal.”

The iPhone case that turns your mobile into a 22-tool SWISS ARMY KNIFE: “Phones are used for just about everything these days and now an inventor has taken this to the next level by creating a case that doubles up as a Swiss Army knife. The TaskOne is fitted with 22 tools including a 1.8-inch wood saw, 2.5-inch removable knife and three screwdrivers. It also comes with a wire cutter and stripper, six Allen keys, two stands to enable a user to use the iPhone as a TV, a ruler, a bottle opener and pliers. All of the tools are made from stainless steel and the total weight of the TaskOne case is just 89g. Addison Shelton, CEO at Task Lab who designed the TaskOne wanted to create a case which allowed him to have helpful tools to hand. The 30-year-old said: ‘My initial inspiration for the product came in late 2012. I own multiple multitools, but never carried them with me. ‘I wanted to design a product that would allow me to take my tools with me and never forget them at home.”

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