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Odd news from around the world

Paris jewellery store robber caught through DNA after he kissed a woman he held hostage: “A MAN who allegedly robbed a jewellery store in Paris was tracked down through his DNA after he kissed a hostage out of compassion. Le Parisien reports that the man and an accomplice took the woman hostage in her home in April last year. They forced her to divulge the codes to the alarms and the safes at the Paris jewellery store. Then one of the men went and robbed the store while the other stayed with the woman. Once she was freed the woman alerted police and a DNA sample was taken, which led to an arrest on January 22. After his arrest the 22-year-old man said he kissed the woman “to relieve her trauma.”

Tortoise given WHEELS after his front legs are gnawed off by rats while hibernating: “A tortoise whose front legs were gnawed off by rats as he hibernated in his owner’s garden has had his missing limbs replaced with wheels from a model aeroplane. Marginated tortoise Septimus was attacked by rodents as he hibernated underground in the garden of owner Darren Strand in Gosport, Hampshire. When the 23-year-old pet emerged his legs were infested with maggots and vets told Mr Strand that Septimus would either have to have his legs amputated and tiny wheels attached in their place, or be put to sleep. ‘It was the first time the vet had put front wheels on a tortoise as he had only done back wheels before. ‘He got the hang of moving in it very quickly, although to begin with he was very weak,’ said Mr Strand. ‘Now he can turn himself around and go backwards, something he couldn’t do before. ‘He’s a very sprightly little character and very sociable.'”

Charming costumes: “Malaysian villagers don intricate traditional costumes and offer gifts and blessings to their ancestors in a tribal ceremony. Mah Meri tribesmen and women in Pulau Carey, 90 miles from Kuala Lumpur, performed ritual dances. The performers wore intricately-carved masks in the ceremony, part of an ancestor-worship culture. Ari Muyang festival, the date of which changes each year, is a chance to offer thanks and pray for the future. Each family will have built their own altar, or panga, to their ancestors not far from their house, which is loaded with flowers, incense and food the night before. The mixture is then burned, the smell of which is believed to alert the ancestral spirits to the gift.”

Arab beauty contest where million-dollar CAMELS with false eyelashes and lip filler compete for huge prizes: “Thousands of men leer on, playboys skid around outside in expensive cars, and top models command fees reaching into the millions as part of the biggest beauty contest this side of Dubai. But, unlike most pageants, it is not women on display but camels – a situation which suits the exclusively male attendees just fine. Visitors to this sprawling event held annually in Liwa, United Arab Emirates, happily admit that they consider the winning camels – which change hands for almost £2million each – more beautiful than their wives, and indeed any other woman. The prize beasts are adorned with luxuriant ornaments, and even receive expensive beauty treatments like lip fillers and fake eyelashes to give them an edge. The contest, the subject of a new documentary by Vice, is overseen by camel moguls who spend tens of millions on their exorbitant herds of animals.”

A note that made a difference: “MYLES Eckert couldn’t believe his luck. The eight year old from Ohio, US, had just found $20 in the parking lot of a local restaurant and was thinking about all the ways he could spend it. But all that changed when he walked through the door of Ohio Cracker Barrel with his family and saw Lt Col Frank Dailey eating an early lunch. They didn’t know each other but Myles knew a little bit about servicemen. His father Andy Eckert died in Iraq when Myles was just five weeks old. So instead of buying a video game, Myles wrapped up the $20 in a note that read: “Dear Soldier — my dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It’s your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.” The touching note made the day — and every day since — of Lt Dailey who was stationed at the Ohio Air National Guard base near Toledo. He brings it out every day to remind himself of his service to his country. ‘It’s incredible being recognised in such a manner,’ he told CBS News. ‘I look at it (the note) every day.”

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