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Odd news from around the world

Royal Mail bans delivery on whole street after dog bites postman: “Postmen are refusing to deliver letters to 60 homes on the same street because of an ‘unacceptable level of risk’ after one of them was bitten by a family’s pitbull. Residents of Worcester Road, a cul-de-sac in Whitebirk, Blackburn, Lancashire, have been told they must now collect their post from the local delivery office. It comes after a seven-stone American pitbull belonging to one of their neighbours bit a postman because the child holding his lead was not strong enough to restrain the animal, police said. Worcester Road locals have branded Royal Mail’s decision to stop deliveries ‘disgusting’ and ‘ridiculous’, while the dog’s owner said it was ‘out of order’ to punish the entire street. After the incident last Thursday, residents were ironically informed by letter that deliveries to their street had been suspended with immediate effect.”

Towering flames from coalmine blaze which has been burning for three weeks: “A wall of fire has transformed a coal mine into a scene reminiscent of a volcano eruption, as rescue operations escalate at the Australian town of Morwell. Dramatic photographs have emerged of an out-of-control fire at Hazelwood open-cut coal mine, which has left a town of nearly 14,000 people exposed to smoke and ash. Sick and elderly people are being urged to leave the town, amid mounting concern over the health risks associated with rising carbon monoxide levels. Fresh fears of potential landslides have emerged, as firefighters pour tens of thousands of water on the out-of-control fire at the mine pit. While firefighters do their best to contain the blaze, there are new concerns that the mine’s walls may not be structurally sound with cracks opening up along the mine’s southern walls.

Police dog locks teeth around chef’s leg causing FOUR-inch wound: “A police dog left an innocent man with an inch-deep wound in his leg after attacking him on his own doorstep. Azmat Farooq, 37, was bitten when he returned from his job as a hotel chef to his home in Longsight, Manchester, at the same time as police were hunting a wheel alloy thief. As a friend dropped him off the dog attacked – leaving him with a wound four inches long which put him in hospital for four days. The dog’s future is uncertain after it was dropped immediately from police use, and the conduct of the officers involved is being reviewed. Police have not confirmed what will happen to the dog but it is thought it may be put up for rehoming instead of being put down. Mr Farooq, who works at the Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel, said: ‘At the time I thought I was going to die, it’s a very big wound. ‘Although I was angry at the time I have appreciated the police efforts since. They have been asking how I am, checking up on me and an officer came to see me in hospital.'”

Murderer identified by parrot: “An Indian journalist managed to catch the person who killed his wife after getting a tip off – from their pet parrot. Vijay Sharma, the editor of a Hindi daily newspaper in Agra in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, returned home to find both his wife Neelam Sharma, 45, and her pet dog, had been murdered. The house had also been ransacked and jewellery and cash stolen. Police had no obvious leads, but that changed when Vijay’s nephew Ashutosh visited their house after the murder. Mr Sharma said: ‘The parrot that was unusually quiet suddenly started shrieking and flapping around the cage. ‘It was clearly distressed about something and only calmed down when Ashutosh left. ‘Then when I spoke to other people, every time I mentioned Ashutosh’s name the parrot would start screeching. ‘This made me really suspicious and I decided to call the police.’ Police spokesman Shalabh Mathur said they looked at Ashutosh’s phone records after being told he may be a suspect and found cause to bring him in for questioning.”

Four-year-old boy with ‘psychic powers’ predicted his mother’s miscarriage after ‘speaking to his dead grandparents’: “The parents of a four-year-old boy have told how he has incredible psychic powers. Greg, 40, and Heather Howell, 38, from Naples, Florida, said they noticed their son, Elijah’s unusual behavior from a young age. Indeed, he started talking in full sentences at ten months old and would speak to his dead grandparents. Mrs Howell said that the infant went on to correctly predict her miscarriage and that she would later give birth to twin boys. ‘I found it so spooky, but not in a negative way,’ she exclaimed. Recalling the incident, she continued: ‘While I was pregnant Elijah said, “Mommy, your baby is going to go with God.” ‘I did miscarry a couple of days later and he kept stroking me and telling me it was going to be OK. ‘A while later he said, “Don’t worry mommy, you’re going have two babies and they’re two boys”, and in my head I thought he just wanted brothers. ‘Months later we ended up finding out we were having twins – and that they were boys.'”

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