Magnificent old car

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It was the first official White House car, A 1909 White Steamer, ordered by President Taft




Odd news from around the world

Clocks obsolete? “The American mathematician and science fiction writer E.T. Bell famously wrote that time makes fools of us all’. He would probably have been pretty horrified to discover that one in seven Britons admit they can’t tell time on a non-digital watch. A new poll by an online watch retailer has uncovered a worrying trend amongst Britons with regards to telling the time, with many parents not teaching their young children how. The issue hit the headlines during the most recent I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, where 23 year old TOWIE star Joey Essex admitted he could not fathom the myriad intricacies of the two arms on a clock. All respondents were then asked if they could tell the time on a non-digital watch, with 14 per cent stating ‘no’. However, 32 per cent of these respondents said that they actually owned a non-digital watch, meaning that they wore one but couldn’t properly use it. When asked why they had a non-digital watch if they couldn’t even tell the time, the majority (67 per cent) said it was just a fashion accessory, while 17 per cent said that they planned to get round to learning at some point.

A survivor in remote Australia: “A MAN who was found after going missing in bushland near Chillagoe 28 days ago endured temperatures of almost 40C and survived on butterflies, freshwater mussels and fruit. Shoeless, shirtless and 15kg lighter, Stephen Currie was discovered by locals on a remote track about 10km outside the west Tableland town on Tuesday afternoon, surprising authorities who had abandoned a search three weeks ago. The 40-year-old was reported missing on December 29, sparking an extensive air and land search of the rugged terrain, including the area’s mineshafts and caves. “By all money I thought he was gone,” Mareeba police Det Sen-Constable Vince Marcel said. “It’s unbelievable. “I phoned his mother straight away after (hearing) that. “His family lives in Victoria and they’ve been calling me every couple of days. They were obviously beside themselves.”

Wog thinks he is above the law: “A MAN arrested for amassing almost 500 Sheriff’s warrants for toll road fees faces 916 days in jail if he refuses to pay the $132,000 fine. Santos Bonacci, from Berwick, was bailed from Dandenong Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning on 483 charges for unpaid EastLink and CityLink fees, as well as speeding fines, going back to early 2010. The unemployed 51-year-old spent nine days in custody after twice refusing to apply for bail following his arrest earlier this month. Barrister Peter Pickering, acting for the Sheriff’s Office described Mr Bonacci as being “uncooperative” with police and the court. “At the time of the apprehension of Mr Bonacci he was quite uncooperative. He said the police and court had no right to arrest him,” Mr Pickering told the court. Mr Bonacci was granted bail and must report to Narre Warren police station once a week. He was also barred from publishing offensive comments about Sheriff’s officers on social media after he recently posted a video on YouTube calling a police officer a “c—” and a magistrate a paedophile.”

Teacher arrested after stabbing his friend to death after drunken argument about whether poetry was better than ordinary writing: “A former schoolteacher allegedly killed his friend after a drunken argument about whether poetry or prose was the better form of writing. Investigators in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia said they were looking into the incident today. ‘The literary dispute soon grew into a banal conflict, on the basis of which the 53-year-old admirer of poetry killed his opponent with the help of a knife,’ the regional branch of the federal Investigative Committee said in a statement. The suspect fled his home in the town of Irbit, where the 67-year-old victim was killed after the argument on January 20. He hid at another friend’s house in a nearby village before he was found and detained, the statement said.”

Forget pedal power… this Cozy Coupe does 0-60mph in 17 SECONDS after mechanic created adult version of classic toy car: “A mechanic has created an adult version of classic children’s car the Cozy Coupe. Petrolhead John Bitmead spent five months creating a life-size version of the child’s toy, and copied every detail from the yellow roof, to glassless windows and over-sized drinks holder. And although the kids’ version is well-known for running on pedal power, Mr Bitmead’s newest toy can do 0-60 in just 17 seconds – and has an 800cc engine. Mr Bitmead, who created the car with help from his brother, Geoff, and friend Nigel Douglas, said: ‘I love setting myself a challenge, and once I’d got the idea in my head, I was determined to see it through. ‘We were chatting one day about how more people have probably driven a Cozy Coupe than any other kind of car – and it snowballed from there. The Cozy Coupe toy is made by American firm Little Tikes and in 2004 the company had sold six million of the red and yellow cars.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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