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Odd news from around the world

Criminal serving his sentence with monks pleads to be sent back to prison… because monastery life is too hard: “Thief David Catalano, 31, was sent to a Santa Maria degli Angeli community run by Capuchin monks in Sicily last November. But he found their austere lifetstyle too tough to handle and soon escaped. After a short while on the run he was caught by police and sent back. On Monday he fled for the second time in six weeks, only to swiftly turn himself in at a police station and beg officers to send him back to jail in the nearby town of Nicosia. He told the stunned policemen: ‘Prison is better than being at that hostel run by monks.’ A police spokesman said: ‘Catalano arrived out of the blue and said there was no way he could stay on with the monks. ‘He said it was too tough and he wanted to go back to prison, so we happily obliged and he is now back behind bars serving the rest of his sentence.”

Panicky Arab father crashes car as wife gives birth to daughter in it: “A father has panicked as his wife gave birth to the couple’s third child in the family car en route to the hospital, causing the car to roll over four times. Mokhles Raheema said his wife was in the passenger seat on Sunday as he was rushing her to a maternity ward in the eastern city of Gavle when she began giving birth. “She told me, ‘she’s coming out, she’s coming out!'” Mr Raheema told public television. “I saw my daughter come out and fall headfirst onto the floor” of the car, he added. His eyes left the road, and the car veered into a ditch before rolling over four times, he said. Emergency workers, alerted by a passing motorist, drove the family to the hospital, all in good condition. Mr Raheema said he was sorry that he had totalled the car, which belonged to a friend.”

Maybe stick to old-fashioned toilets? “INFORMATION security firm Trustwave has identified an unlikely new target for potential cyber-attacks: the home toilet. In a “security advisory” issued last week, Trustwave warned Inax’s Satis automatic toilet – a so-called “smart” toilet – could be commandeered by hackers using the inbuilt Bluetooth connection. One of the Satis’ selling points is that its advanced functions, including an automatic lid and remote-control bidet and flushing functions, can be controlled via the “My Satis” Android application. The problem, according to Trustwave, is that the Bluetooth PIN to pair with the toilet – “0000” – is hard-coded into the app. “As such, any person using the ‘My Satis’ application can control any Satis toilet.” “An attacker could simply download the ‘My Satis’ application and use it to cause the toilet to repeatedly flush, raising the water usage and therefore utility cost to its owner,” the report says.”

Female engineers must not be good looking? “JOB networking site LinkedIn has been caught in an embarrassing backflip, forced to re-post ads it pulled after the women featured in them were deemed too attractive to be real-life engineers. Developer network TopTal posted a series of advertisements on the site with a mixture of male and female staff [one above], with the aim of attracting new clients and employees. However they recently logged on to find their ads inexplicably disabled, according to TopTal CEO Taso Du Val, who blogged about the incident. “Today was a disappointing day at TopTal. We saw extreme sexism within the tech community, from an industry leader and advertising partner that we work with quite extensively: LinkedIn,” he wrote in a post entitled In Defence of Female Engineers. A spokeswoman for LinkedIn said the ads were rejected in error while the customer service team was going through the standard review process. The issue sparked plenty of debate in the tech community, with one user writing under the name whatever, accusing LinkedIn of “slut shaming” and “nerd oppression because no female engineer could look good”.

The Taiwanese whisky that beat the Scots in a blind tasting: “An award-winning single malt made in the Far East – which sent shockwaves through the conservative whisky world during blind taste tests – is going on sale on British high streets for the first time. Kavalan, a premium whisky from Taiwan, came top in a blind taste test that included historic Scottish single malts a few years ago, and it was named New World Whisky Of The Year in The Whisky Bible, written by respected drinks connoisseur Jim Murray. The drink – which has scooped up various other accolades, including a gold award from the Beverage Tasting Institute 2012, and a spot in Ian Buxton’s 2010 tome 101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die – is now sitting pretty on the shelves of Tesco, where it is being sold for £40. Tesco whisky buyer Oliver Stevens said: ‘Kavalan is a first class single malt that has already surprised many connoisseurs in the very conservative whisky world for its quality and we believe it will do very well in Britain.’

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