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Odd news from around the world

Man, 64, wakes up without a penis after night of drinking: “A 64-year-old man has told how he passed out after a heavy night drinking and woke up to find that his penis was missing. Neighbours of Geraldo Ramos claim that he was attacked by a dog as he stumbled around the Dominican Republic naked while drunk. But Mr Ramos, of Santiago, doesn’t believe their version of events and is none-the-wiser as to how he came to be dismembered. He told a local television station that all he remembers is waking up and being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. The dog which is said to have attacked him has not been traced, nor indeed has Mr Ramos’s penis”

Courtney Stodden steps out in bikini made of lettuce for PETA: “YOU don’t win friends with salad – that’s unless you’re Courtney Stodden. The 18-year-old wife of Doug Hutchinson, 53, raised eyebrows when she stepped out in a lettuce bikini to promote PETA’s vegetarian campaign. “Had so much fun at PETA’s Veggie Dog Giveaway event today,” she tweeted after posing with meatless sausages at the event. “Honoured to be apart of the fam &to spread awareness!” The blonde celeb donned the leafy green bikini to make a statement on behalf of the animal rights organisation – but one can’t help but think she was making much more of a statement than that!”

False credit report avenged: “FOR two years a US woman tried without success to get mistakes in her credit report fixed. Now a jury has awarded her $US18.6 million for her trouble. Julie Miller’s problems began in 2009 when she was denied credit by a bank based on a credit report by Equifax, ABC News reported. Ms Miller repeatedly contacted Equifax before eventually received a copy of her report, which, she discovered, contained false identifying information, an incorrect Social Security number, a false birthday and false, derogatory collection accounts attributed to her, ABC News reported. She was later told her data had become “mixed” with another person’s. Ms Miller tried eight times to get her report corrected before taking legal action in the Oregon Federal District Court in October 2011. Mr Baxter said Equifax weren’t even handling Ms Miller’s complaint in house. Instead it was sent to a subcontractor in the Philippines.”

Driver high on drugs asks ‘Am I dead?’ after crash: “A MOTORIST, high on drugs and drunk, thought he was dead after he ploughed into three pedestrians, hit a fire hydrant and smashined into a flower stand. Shaun Martin, 32, of Queens, New York, allegedly asked police “Am I dead?”, the New York Post reported. “Was I driving?” Martin allegedly told police officers at the crash in New York on June 19, court papers showed. Manhattan Supreme Court heard that Martin was high on PCP and methylamphetamine when he careered across three lanes and hit a fire hydrant, 300-pound muni meter, 25-foot Gingko Tree, a light pole, a Citi Bike and three bystanders. A deli worker was the most seriously injured with broken bones and brain trauma. Martin was charged with vehicular assault, DUI and criminal possession.”

Airline made girl strip out of her shorts at the check-in desk: “Getting ready to jet off to Mallorca, Alix Townsend picked what she thought was the perfect outfit for a holiday in the sun. Unfortunately, her short denim shorts did not pass muster with airport staff. The 18-year-old says she was horrified to be told by a Monarch Airlines supervisor to take off her high-cut shorts in front of hundreds of passengers before checking in. Monarch said Miss Townsend’s shorts were ‘cut extremely high and the cheeks of her bottom were visible’. But she claims she was not allowed to go to the toilets to change and was left in tears after being forced to strip by the check-in desk at Manchester Airport. The teenager, who has a place to study law at university, was in a group of 18 friends all going to an 18th birthday party. ‘I agreed as I did not want to risk not getting on the flight. However, when I asked if I could go to the toilet to change and she made me change in front of everyone.’” [I’m guessing that some jealous older female employee was behind this]

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