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Odd news from around the world

Doing good is good for you: “American scientists have found different types of happiness have surprisingly contrary effects on our genes. UCLA research found that people who derive their happiness from helping others have strong antibody genes, while people who get their kicks from self-gratification can suffer from low antiviral and anitbody gene expression. People who are do-gooders have high levels of ‘eudaimonic well-being’. They derive their happiness from a deep sense of purpose and meaning in life showed favourable gene-expression profiles in their immune cells. Those studied from this happiness group had low levels of inflammatory gene expression and strong antibody and antiviral genes. However, individuals who have high levels of ‘hedonic well-being’ – the type of happiness that comes from consuming goods and self-gratification – showed the opposite. This group of people showed high inflammation and weak antibody and antiviral genes.”

A French château which can be yours for just $725,000: “With its turrets, gabled roof, lush mature gardens and stunning views over the rolling French countryside, this grand château surely is the stuff of expatriate dreams. So it might come as quite a surprise that it is on the market for less than the price of a modest London flat. This luxurious French château is being advertised as a holiday home for a British family – for just £475,000. The 18th century manor house has been used as a holiday getaway for the last ten years but the English owners can no longer find the time to visit. They put it up for sale at €650,000 but have knocked €100,000 off because of a slump in French property sales. The spiral stone staircase is one of the most stunning features of the house: Elsewhere modern minimalism has been merged with traditional design. The château near the small town of Miramont in the Lot-et-Gironne region of south-west France is on the market for the same price as a one-bedroomed flat in London.”

Protestants are ‘more creative’ than Catholics and Jews because they don’t have an adequate outlet for their feelings: “Protestants are more creative than Catholics and Jews, new research has found. Researchers from the University of Illinois wanted to test a previously-held theory that introverted people who suppress emotions about sex and depravity are more creative than people who are more open and extroverted. They discovered that Protestants, or people who grow up in a Protestant communities, can channel suppressed emotions more effectively than their Catholic and Jewish counterparts. The research, led by Emily Kim along with Veronika Zeppenfeld and Dov Cohen, claims that its not that Jews and Catholics don’t suppress the same feelings about sexual taboos as Protestants, but they channel it into feelings of guilt, rather than through art or creative means. Kim et al said: ‘Protestants who had major problems or marked difficulties related to sexual taboos and depravity anxieties showed greater creative achievements in their lives. ‘They had more publications and creative accomplishments in other areas (and also) disproportionately chose jobs in the most creative occupations.”

‘Do you want to have sex with me?’ Young attractive woman propositions men on the street for social experiment: “A young and attractive woman who approached random men on the street for sex has revealed that half of them turned her down flat. Her first target is a man coming out of a grocery store, who not only rejects her – he gets angry and calls the police. It’s obvious that even the men who want to sleep with her seem suspicious – or think that the whole thing must be a joke. But some of them obviously want to hold on to the fantasy. After she assures him that she’s sober and in her right mind, he relents and says ‘you can come to my house if you want.’ ‘Pretty please?’ she says to a man who appears to be in his twenties. ‘You can just kind of lay there, and I’ll just do my thing.’ He hesitates, but agrees and is seen walking off camera with her. Her blunt behavior also leads to some very funny exchanges. ‘Mom, I’ll have to call you back,’ one guy says when she interrupts him mid-conversation. In total, Andrea had seven men take her up on her offer and seven rejections. But everyone she approached, even the men walking with girlfriends, seemed to be in a good mood when she left.”

Stay-at-home mothers are the happiest: Women who don’t return to work suffer less from feelings of boredom and worthlessness: “Stay-at-home mothers are more likely to think their lives are worthwhile than women who go to work, a study of national happiness suggests. They tend not to suffer from boredom, frustration or feelings of worthlessness, according to the research on Britain’s wellbeing. Full-time mothers gave the value of their lives a score of eight out of ten, compared to 7.8 for people in work. Data also revealed that married people are significantly more contented than cohabitees and much happier than single or divorced people. The findings will add further pressure on the Government to change the treatment of married couples where only one partner works. While those who stay at home scored the worth of their lives higher than those who go to work, scores for happiness, life satisfaction and anxiety levels were broadly the same.”

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