Russian phone thief – Messes with wrong woman

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This footage was taken from a subway station in Russia. You see a man come down the stairs and try to steal a phone from the woman leaning against the wall. Let’s just say this was not the right woman to mess with. The woman would appear to know Systema, the Russian martial art. The key move on this occasion would appear to have been a kick in the goolies.




Odd news from around the world

Woman sent birth certificate listing her as a man: “Sandra Doyle is quite positive that she is a woman. So she was startled to discover her gender listed as “male” on a copy of her birth certificate issued by the Queensland office of Birth, Deaths and Marriages. Ms Doyle, who now lives in Canberra, requested a copy of the document in order to get accredited as a security guard. What she received was an official certificate riddled with errors. As well as her gender reversal, her mother’s surname, age and birthplace, her father’s surname, and her grandmother’s full name were all incorrect. The section for siblings was also left blank, even though Ms Doyle has two older brothers and one older sister. The 45-year-old said she was baffled by the mix-up because her application for the certificate had been thorough. The 45-year-old said the BDM staff member she spoke to said the processing of birth certificates was done “offshore”.”

Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover even them up: “Women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up under Saudi Arabia’s latest repressive measure, it was reported yesterday. The ultra-conservative Islamic state has said it has the right to stop women revealing ‘tempting’ eyes in public. Women in Saudi Arabia already have to wear a long black cloak, called an abaya, cover their hair and, in some regions, conceal their faces while in public. If they do not, they face punishments including fines and public floggings. One report on the Bikya Masr news website suggested the proposal was made after a member of the committee was attracted by a woman’s eyes as he walked along a street, provoking a fight. The woman was walking with her husband who ended up being stabbed twice in the hand after the altercation.”

How to avoid parking on the double yellow lines: “The driver of this car raised eyebrows when he left his Toyota Yaris perched on a kerb two feet above the road. The vehicle, driven by an elderly man, was considered to be so dangerous that police had to close the road. Julian Road, near the junction with Lansdown Road in Bath, Somerset, was closed to other traffic while officers were safe-guarding the car. The driver, however, was nowhere to be seen. Although it looked as though it would tip down onto the winding street below any moment, the the driver obviously thought it was stable enough to leave there. The unusual parking was spotted by IT worker Toby Willmott as he made his way to work in Bath. He said: ‘I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. ‘I don’t know how someone was able to even drive their car into such a position, let alone manage to get out of it while leaving it like that.”

Man sent to remove graffiti finds himself turned into a graffito: “Sent to clear up some unwanted graffiti, this workerman couldn’t have imagined he would be the inspiration for the next work on the very same wall. But this is the moment an artist decided to turn an image of the man sent to remove his artwork into art. Stencil artist – who is known only as ‘DS’ – created his first piece ‘Bad Kitty’ on a wall in London as an amusing comment on the ‘squeaky clean image’ of the Hello Kitty character. DS, who is 28, and from London, created his artwork in May but eight hours later he was surprised to see someone already in the process of removing it. Deciding to document the act of erasing his work, DS took photos of the moment and then used one to show the man that removed it. Amazingly the artwork featuring the mystery man has not been removed and is still on the wall in Essex Road, Islington, today.”

Ultimate in downsizing: The £17,000 micro-house that covers just 65sqft and has a kitchen, bedroom and shower: “He is famed for designing Europe’s largest skyscraper, The Shard in London, and now Italian architect Renzo Piano has gone back to grass roots to create a tiny 65 sqft micro-house with enough room for a kitchenette, shower, bed and even storage. The wooden structure is called Diogene, has a living space of just 2.5 metres by 3 metres and is currently installed at the Vitra Campus in Germany. The front of the building has a living room, separated from the bathroom in the rear, and the £17,200 micro-house also has a water collection system that harvests rainwater, and is powered by solar panels. The interior is split into two halves with a living room in the front, consisting of a pullout sofa, folding table, chairs and storage. In the rear of the house, behind a partition, is a small kitchen with electric stove and fridge, a shower and toilet, and more storage.”

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