Dogs are people too

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Odd news from around the world

Pregnancy prank in Egypt sends men running for cover after baby pops out and chases after them: “A heavily ‘pregnant’ woman is seen grabbing her stomach as she staggers along a seafront promenade. Her partner anxiously tries to hold her up and calls a few men sitting on the wall for assistance as his wife goes into labour. The unsuspecting bystanders rush over and the mother, wearing a ankle-length blue dress grabs one of their hands as she flails around in distress. She is gently led over to lean against her partner on a nearby car as the men continue to fuss around her. She then dramatically throws her arms back and is guided to the pavement by the group. Suddenly, she opens her legs and a small person wearing a diaper with a bald patch emerges from under her dress. The baby then chases the men who have run away in horror at his appearance. The amusing scenario is repeated several times- in one case the woman lifts her dress and the little person springs out. The reaction seems to always be the same – the men sprint in horror from the scene.

It’s the real Iron Man! : “Standing in a room filled floor to ceiling with old irons, pensioner John Rollins shows his astonishing collection of the trusty household appliance. The 74-year-old has one of Britain’s largest collections of irons – amassed during three decades of scouring fairs, antique shops, and auction houses. He now owns a staggering 800 irons – which includes irons in all shapes, makes, sizes and colours, ranging from the first one he ever bought, a box iron right up to modern day steam irons. And his record breaking array of gas irons numbers no less than 240. But his passion for collecting irons has not quite stretched to using them – his second wife Avis, 67, still does all the ironing in the house.

Blondes may have more fun but it’s BRUNETTES who make the better lovers, men say: “Brunettes vs blondes: it is an age-old battle that is regularly contested. But while blondes are often cited as being more fun, it is brunettes who make the best lovers. According to the latest study, almost six of ten people (58 per cent) say brunettes are better in bed. The results showed that just 16 per cent of men asked about bedroom prowess chose blondes as the best lovers, followed by women with black hair (12 per cent) and red hair (9 per cent). Speaking about the new results, hairdresser Russell McGrath, operations director at Michael Van Clarke London, said: ‘Until now, brunettes have had fun quietly. ‘But now they’re outshining the blondes and are enjoying a sexier approach to life. ‘We find women often come into the salon asking to go brunette for a sexier look – from Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway, brunette starlets have inspired women for decades.”

New Zealand kicks obese chef out of the country because at 286 pounds he is too heavy: “An obese chef has been told he is too fat to live in New Zealand, even though he has lost 66lb since moving there six years ago. and his wife Marthie are now facing deportation from their Christchurch home and are living with his sister in Auckland as they fight the decision. w Zealand is the third most obese nation in the developed world, coming behind the US and Mexico. Albert is five feet ten inches tall and has a body mass index of 40, making him clinically obese. His wife Marthie said that his weight had not stopped Albert from working 40 hours a week as a chef. She added that their annual visas have been approved every year since 2007 with little problem. t at the start of May the couple were told they must leave as Albert’s health was no longer acceptable. Immigration New Zealand said that an applicant’s BMI must be under 35.”

Turkey clears bird of spying for Israel: “Authorities in eastern Turkey have cleared a small bird detained on suspicions of spying for Israel. The kestrel was discovered by residents of Altinavya, a village in Elazig province, wearing a metallic ring stamped with the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel”. Suspicious that the bird may have been on a spying mission for the Jewish state, villagers turned the bird over to local authorities, according to Turkish media. So great was the level of concern medical personnel at Elazig’s Firat University initially identified the kestrel as “Israeli Spy” in their registration documents. Intensive medical examinations – including X-rays – determined that the bird was, indeed, just a bird. There were no sign of microchips that might transmit information back to Israel, local media reported. The kestrel was allowed to fly off after authorities determined there was no need to press charges.

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