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Odd news from around the world

Squirrel infected with the BUBONIC PLAGUE closes major US campgrounds: “A plague-infected squirrel has forced the closure of numerous Los Angeles campgrounds. Routine testing of a squirrel trapped July 16 revealed this week that it had fleas carrying the bubonic plague, forcing the closure of a handful of campgrounds in Los Angeles, according to officials. Known as the Black Death, the disease killed millions across Europe during the Middle Ages. This is the third such case in the past six years. Of the four reported cases in Los Angeles since 1984, none have been fatal after being treated with antibiotics. Officials have closed Broken Blade, Twisted Arrow, and Pima Loops of the Table Mountain Campgrounds in the Angeles National Forest for at least seven days while flea control measures are enacted, according to a public notice. Further testing of squirrels will be done before the campgrounds are reopened.

Farcical scene in Britain as it takes seven firefighters, a police car and an RSPCA officer THREE HOURS to rescue a cat from a tree: “Emergency services were called when the ginger and white cat had been marooned up the tree for more than 48 hours. A fire engine and a hydraulic platform were sent to the scene in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, along with a police car and an RSPCA inspector for the rescue operation lasting two hours. After two hours trying in vain to reach the cat the fire brigade deployed their hydraulic lift. When the fire brigade decided to deploy their hydraulic lift, the police car blocked the street to enforce a one-hour road closure. ‘They were worried the cat would fall so were there with tarpaulin ready to catch it. ‘But every time they tried to get close, the cat would go further up the tree.’

Man on a rail track as a train speeds over his body in reckless stunt: “Somehow the masked daredevil in this video survived after lying on a railway in Holland as a high-speed train sped over his body. The footage begins with the young man talking to the camera wearing a white mask before walking over to the rail line. Moments after he lies down, the train whooshes over him. He then stands up with obvious delight and performs a victory dance for the camera.

Armoured ‘temple’ train decorated in gold leaf and equipped with altar, belfry and choir that’s taking officials to religious celebration in Ukraine: “By car, by train, by foot, thousands are descending on Kiev this week to mark a special anniversary. But no ordinary train will do for Ukraine’s religious leaders as they prepare to celebrate the 1,025th anniversary of the ‘baptism of Kievan Rus’ – the medieval kingdom that first witnessed the conversion of the region’s pagans to Christianity. A special armoured ‘temple wagon’ – kitted out with church fixtures, including a belfry and choir – has been laid on to transport Russian president Vladimir Putin, Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill and other dignitaries to mark the religious milestone. The customised five-carriage train contains a vestry in place of a conductor’s compartment; an altar, lectern – and even a 50-litre container for run-off holy water. Modern Kiev is the birthplace of Christianity in what is now Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.”

Chipped breakfast bowl bought for 50p at a car boot sells for £20,000 after experts realise it’s a relic from Imperial China: “To the untrained eye this small white bowl looks like nothing out of the ordinary. And when it was snapped up by an unsuspecting couple at a boot sale for a mere 50p, they had no idea of its astonishing value. But this plain and slightly chipped bowl has just sold for nearly £20,000 at auction after sparking a bidding frenzy from the Far East. The antique turned out to be an 18th century relic from Imperial China. And even when experts confirmed it was a celadon jade bowl – a term which denotes the ceramic’s is pale greyish shade of green – with the mark of Chinese Emperor Qianlong on the bottom of it, they only valued it at £1,500. But such is the desire for Oriental antiques at the moment, largely down to the newly-rich Chinese buying back their heritage, the item sold for 10 times that amount.”

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